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When I went searching for last year’s resolutions I flipped through my old posts and noticed there was some good, heartfelt sharing back then in the day. It seems something happened to my writing and my sharing in this blog. I’ve been noticing the change for a while now too.

It all started when I began to question what I would share and what I would not. Once I started to think about who was reading what I wrote, who knew me, who didn’t know me but thought they did, it all started to change. But that’s not the only thing which influenced my sharing or lack thereof. My life also changed a bit and with it what I was able to share in a public forum.

Since I started to date Jason I obviously had no more dating adventure stories to blog about, and we all know how “fun” those were. Also, after what happened with t.b.w.t.b. I decided to not blog about the current guy I was seeing, so I’ve kept my thoughts and feelings about Jason and our relationship to myself, or at least off the blog. In regards to work matters, I think we all learned from dooce that it’s safer to not go public with work related complaints, although I did vent a bit this week on twitter and FB, which I guess I shouldn’t have done.

So you see, the topics I feel I can write about have been limited and now, more frequently than not, I find myself just retelling whatever I did and posting photos as proof, which really doesn’t seem like more than an archive of my daily life. I am a reflective person. I like to think. And writing about my thoughts helps me make sense of things that occur and people around me, as well as better understand what life is all about. Not to mention that reflecting and writing to reflect helps me grow as a person and nurtures me spiritually as well.

I need to figure out how to balance what I need to write with what I can actually write, so that it not only serves a much needed purpose, but also keeps things interesting here. Because really, who wants to have a meh blog? If that’s going to be the case, then why blog at all?


7 responses to “Writing topics

  1. I've noticed that the more comfortable I am in my sobriety, the more my writing topics have changed. It used to be a daily struggle sort of thing and I started to notice that alot of my readers came for the train wreck. Kind of, "let's see how crazy she is today" sort of thing. But now? I'm just writing about whatever I think and feel and if I lose readers because of it, so what? My blog is for me. In fact, it's my new diary. And I like it that way.

  2. Kate – I love your blog, it's honest, open and seems like you do write about whatever you feel like at the moment and I find that very refreshing. I'm struggling to go back to that. Once upon a time my blog was my new diary too, but then I started to notice I was sharing a bit too much with people I didn't necessary want to share, so I restricted it a bit. I want the freedom back, but haven't quite figured out how to get it.

  3. I hear you. I think it's something you have to work through. I like to think I'm doing that a lot lately, but then again, I may be the only one that notices. So be it! 🙂

  4. Mine started as a ranting voice in the wilderness- which is about as boring a blog you could have. I started writing more about food, taking photos, mixing it up a little- and readership went up. I actually could(and might!) use a lot of my posts for the start of a cook book someday..

  5. L – 🙂 I think we all, at some point, struggles with our blogs and what we write in them. I guess it comes with the territory huh> ;)Buffalodick – You should totally use your blog material and write a cooking book! I know I drool every time I see and hear about one your concoctions, yum!

  6. I have taken my one about dating 'off air' because I got paranoid about people I'd dated seeing it, and I think I was pretty harsh sometimes, I would hate to read what someone wrote about me after a disasterous date. I intend to make it public though when enough time/distance has been put between me and them for it not to matter any more. A kinda solution? I don't know but I can still write everything down with the intention one day someone other than me might read it!

  7. The Sarjent – It's hard to balance things happening in our lives with what we share online. It's definitely a challenge for me, but as you say it's always fun to go back and read and remember "us" back then and also have others read and comment. So the writing must continue! 🙂

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