Fun-Packed Weekend

Did anyone say fun-packed weekend? I think someone did in this corner of the world. It started out with a very busy Friday, in which I trekked down to midtown for some Venezuelan Consulate errands, yes, again. Hopefully this will be the last time this semester. The good part of that is that I got to hang around Rockefeller Center for a bit and took some pictures (see previous post). It’s all decorated and beautiful, unfortunately really cold too, so be mindful of your fingertips, they tend to want to fall off.

I also made it to the post office and saw Christmas Cards out and about. Hopefully they’ll get where they need to be on time. After errands and lunch I had some work meetings at TC and then I was free to go over to Nick’s to deliver the goods. It was Nick’s birthday on Friday, he turned 11. Eleven people! The boy is all grown now, snif. The celebration was packed with friends and kids and cake and lots of running around. We stayed there until way past 11 pm. Nick was having his school friends over on Saturday for a pool party and pizza, so it was a weekend long celebration.

Saturday saw me home in PJs for most of the day. I really needed to just hang out for a bit. But since work called too, because of course, after Friday meetings comes Saturday computer time, I spend a good chunk of my afternoon-night working.

Sunday was an early rise and fun-packed day. I went to get the kids over at the Sanderson’s and off we went to Port Authority to catch a bus to Toms River.

An hour and a half later Jason went to pick us up at the station and treated us to IHOP for brunch. I hadn’t been to IHOP in ages, so I had a ball. Well, actually, I had pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, french toast and OJ. Before you go all crazy on me, Sophie had all my bacon and Nick all my french toast, so there.

Then we were off to the theater. We had gone to Beach Haven to see Jason perform in Ebenezer, Surflight Theater’s production of a Christmas Carol. It was good, funny at times, scary at others, and all throughout very much enjoyed. The kids love it and Jason was great in it.

We were then off, back to NYC. Jason drove us back into Brooklyn, where we dropped off some stuff and parked the car. While the kids played with Jason’s piano.

Then it was a subway ride back to the Sanderson’s who were waiting for us with dinner on the table. We had hallacas and ensalada de gallina, my first Venezuelan Christmas meal of the season. It was delicious! Unfortunately, I was too tired by then and forgot all about taking pictures.

It was a great weekend. But now, of course, I need some rest!


4 responses to “Fun-Packed Weekend

  1. You'd make a great Mom…You already are a really great aunt!

  2. Buffalodick – I hope I get to be a mom some day 🙂

  3. Que gran fin de semana, la verdad se ve que disfrutaron mucho. Yo por mi parte no puedo esperar el momento en que seas mamy….siempre he sabido que seras una maravillosa mam…pero estoy de acuerdo con que el papel e tia lo haces muy bien….

  4. Maqui, si, la pasamos rico. Es que esos chamines son lo maximo! 🙂

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