A few days ago…

(On a subway platform, chatting and waiting for the next train, with my sister.)

Liz: Why do you have those lines on your forehead?

Me: because I don’t have botox like you.

Liz: And WHY don’t you?!

Me: Because I really don’t want botox…

Liz: Well, then stop doing that with your eyebrows!

Me: I can’t. I’m morisquetera, I can’t help it.

(Call me crazy, but maybe this triggered my old-age pondering.)


5 responses to “A few days ago…

  1. Ha! I work for a plastic surgeon and every time someone comes in for a face lift or wants something like Botox, he just looks at them and says, "Are you going to stop smiling?" And they say "Well, no." Then he says, "Well then, I can't help you. No matter what I do, if you keep smiling, your wrinkles will come back." Then he ushers them out the door.We're classy like that around this office.

  2. There are two ways to age- Gracefully, or otherwise…

  3. Kate – What kind of plastic surgeon is that? The poor kind? Unheard of! ;)Buffalodick – Or not at all, as my sister would put it 😉

  4. Signs of aging shows character & wisdom. No need of botox.

  5. Roshan – Tell that to my sister!

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