Friday Sleepover

Nick and Sophie were scheduled to come for a sleepover this Friday night. Cas and Liz were having a grownups-only dinner party at their place so the kids were staying with me. We were excited. We had planned a movie night, with pizza takeout and coke, and some sweets I would get in advance. We were set. Only thing is, they forgot the movies!

Liz dropped them off and zoomed away. Nick of course, too cool for his shirt, on the phone as always, probably some girl. I tell you it starts young!

We had to wait until the conversation was over.

Sophie was very excited, she had been anticipating this sleepover for days, she even had called me Thursday morning to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake and the sleepover wasn’t held that day instead of Friday. She didn’t want to miss it you see.

We lingered in the lobby for a while. The Christmas decorations are out and up and we needed to check them out. Kinda nice, kinda cute, huh?

Once we were settled in, we ordered pizza from Dominoes and we marveled with their status check website. Have you seen it? It’s actually very neat. We designed the pizza we wanted and were then able to track the process as it was prepared, baked and then delivered. The kids of course loved that, “it’s so cool”.

For dessert we had red velvet from the supermarket’s bakery. You should have seen their faces, it was so exciting, a whole cake and it wasn’t even anyone’s birthday!

And after dinner we found the Muppet’s Santa Letters (or something like that) movie on TV, so the night was saved movie-wise.

Teeth were brushed, PJs were worn and kids went to bed. After a story or two, night-night time had arrived and lights were out. All but one, to Sophie’s request. Apparently, bad things can come out and get you if it’s all “dark, dark, really dark”.

The morning came way too early for me, around 7ish or so. The building started short after that. A fort was made. Or as Sophie called it a “fork”! We finally found the Nickelodeon channel and some serious cartoon watching took place before I got up and made breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with turkey, french bread with a little bit of butter and cheese, some lean bacon, orange juice and to top it all off some ginger men cookies. Liz and Cas dropped-by soon after that to pick them up and sweep them away to an activity filled day of tae kwon-do test, nut creacker viewing and friend sharing.

Fun was had, so… when’s the next one?


2 responses to “Friday Sleepover

  1. I think you had as much fun as they did!

  2. buffalodick – I did indeed! 🙂

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