I decided I won’t be getting a tree this year. I’m a little sad about it, but I think it’s what makes most sense. The other decorations are out, so it’s not like it’s Christmassless in here. At least I have that going.

I’m excited my Christmas shopping is mostly done. I had gotten Liz and Cas tickets to see Wicked back in September, so they were the first to be scratched off the list. I gave them their present this week, because the tickets are for next Wednesday. That’s the thing with gifts that expire before Christmas, they need to be given sooner. Liz is so excited, she’s been wanting to see this show for months and I finally could get tickets for them. Have you seen it? It’s great. It’s funny and cute, and very worthwhile. I loved it, you will too, if you get a chance check it out.

My dad, Jason and Nick (both birthday and x-mas presents) are set too. I’m still waiting for some of the gifts to arrive via mail, but they have been bought, so I can cross them off the list too. The only one’s who are still pending are Sophie and my mom. I’ve gotten something for Soph, but it’s not the main gift, I’m a little worried not knowing what to get. For my mom I have an idea or two, but still haven’t plunged in. I’m getting there. I’m not worried about not being done, I’m actually happy I have so many covered already. Glass half full people, half full!

So how’s your Christmas shopping coming along?


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