Mice? No thank you.

Jason calls as usual, around 11ish to talk about the day and say goodnight, and I distractly turn on the light, while I chat and walk into the room. I reach over to turn on the night stand lamp and I see a little, furry, brownish mouse laying on its side. Thank God, its eyes are closed, or at least that’s what I think. I don’t look long enough at it to be sure. I scream, screech, jump on the bed and tell Jason I need to call him later, someone needs to come get this thing. I for sure am not touching it.

I desperately call the doorman and ask for the onduty handy man. My heart is racing, seriously, I don’t remember the last time I was this nervous and disgusted by something like this, out of the blue. I open my door and stand there waiting, in front of the service elevator, for the guy who would save me from this beast, to show up. He finally appears with a broom and a dust bin. I indicate where he can find the cadaver and he sweeps it up. I, standing outside, not really wanting to watch any more of this. He, very cavalier, apparently it’s not a big deal.

I am beside myself and ask if he has swept others before this one. “Are there any others?” This is my main worry now. Not to mention the whys. Why would a mouse decide to come here to die? What appeal really can my bedroom floor have? This is why people have cats, I’m sure. I want to move.

And then Jason, because apparently it’s funny, sends me a picture of a mouse and posts it to my FB wall. While he laughs he’s head off, I’m pissed. It’s so not funny! I now have to go back into that room and sleep on that bed, right next to the spot where the dead mouse was. Not funny, not funny at all. I can only imagine the nightmares I will have tonight. “Cute, he was very cute.” That’s what I keep telling myself.


8 responses to “Mice? No thank you.

  1. I. Would. Die. You're lucky to have a doorman who will save you. I have a cat. We're both lucky I suppose.

  2. Um. Is it bad that I totally laughed at this? I'm sorry.

  3. Susan Mercedes – If I hadn't had someone to call and come resolve the situation I would have grabbed a coat and headed over my sisters for the night. There was no way on earth I was touching that mouse. Yep, you must be very glad to have a cat. Kate – No, I get it, it's funny, just not to me.

  4. Eeee! Not good. I do not laugh at these things, either. Gross. And ew.

  5. L – Gross and ew is right! 😦

  6. A 2oz. mouse? Dead? In perspective, this is nothing to get your panties in a bunch about! 🙂

  7. buffalodick – 🙂 well, panties ere in a bunch for a while there, what can I say?

  8. Ick! You are lucky to have someone come dispose of it for you!

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