New Bookcases

I absolutely love books. And from this love, I have this uncontrollable urge to own the books I love the most. Living in NYC there’s always the matter of space and in my case, being a fulltime student, also of money. I had been storing my books in closets, on hid them in shelves, under night stands, inside baskets, you name, books where there, but ultimately they were not that visible or even accessible. So come my birthday when my parents asked what I wanted as a present, I said “what about bookcases?”

Since I ordered them online, after visiting the store a couple times, I had been anticipating them. Since Monday I had been counting days and minutes until their arrival, thinking how I would organize and categorize my books, where I would put each one of them and visualizing how they would look in their new home. I love organizing so this would be a task I would enjoy immensely.

Friday morning finally came around and the bookcases were delivered. The fun begun! Take a look:

First they needed to be cleaned up a bit, there was saw dust on them for the most part,
and the pegs and shelves had to be put in place.

Then the books could start coming out and I was happy,
thinking of what would go best where and with whom.

The shelves started to fill up quickly.

Until I ran out of pegs and I had to stop,
call the store and arrange to go by and pick up some more.

But at the end the job was done and I was happy.
My place smells like new wood now and my books, they look beautiful.

Thank you Pelos, for a gift I absolutely love and needed quite a bit!

2 responses to “New Bookcases

  1. I adore books with the same passion. And my dad made me bookshelves for them several years ago. I love that he designed them just for me. With my stash of books in mind. I hope to have them with me always.

  2. Kate – That is so sweet of your dad. I bet you truly treasure those shelves.

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