Another great weekend

This was another fun packed weekend. It started Thursday night with going with Jason to see Where the Wild Things Are. We went to the 8:30 pm show in the UES, and either it’s been out for a while now, or adults in this area don’t actually take to this movie, because it was us and another couple for the bigger part of it. The Wild Things are incredibly well done, the facial expressions, the details, it’s really incredible. The kid is quite good too. He’s acting is outstanding for a little boy. We stepped out of the theater and went directly over to Barnes&Noble to re-read the book, to see if we agreed with some of the reviews we had heard. And you know what, I kinda see where they’re coming from. The book has a very simple story, of a boy misbehaving, as little boys often do, and being sent to his room without supper, angrily he sails into his imaginary world and stays there for a while until he smells his supper in his room and decides to come back to it. The story in the movie is about going through and surviving one’s parents divorce. A big stretch if you ask me. Nevertheless, it’s a good movie and I’m glad we went, we both wanted to see it.

Friday, my bookcases we delivered!!! I had been waiting all week for this. My parents had given me for my birthday two slim bookcases for my living room and I had been counting the days for them to be delivered, so once they were it was full motion into organizing, cleaning, sorting and being happy. Organizing makes me happy, getting new furniture makes my day, and books, well, I just adore books, so you can just imagine how thrilled I was. (Pictures to come, I did take them, but unfortunately, I misplaced my camera over the weekend. Will post them once I get it back.)

At night we had an invitation to a Le Beaujolais Nouveau 2009 party at Mark and Jean’s place. It was a great gathering. Cas made fideuá and Jim made tortilla Española. The food was delicious, the wine was tasty and abundant, and the company was delightful. We had a great time.

Saturday found us having lunch at Bergen Bagel while we waited for Tony and MJ to show up, so we could get going over to the Nassau Coliseum to go see Star Wars in Concert!!! They are huge Star Wars fans, so you can imagine how excited they were. I’ve seen all the movies, but that’s the extent of my fanaticism. Regardless, I really enjoyed it. John Williams‘ music for Star Wars was performed beautifully by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and hosted by Anthony Daniels, C3PO in person! A very charming man.

After the show we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Cheesecakes were had people, oh boy were they had! We tried key lime, red velvet and banana cream cheesecakes. All delicious. Yes, we had food too, but who cares about food, when there is dessert to talk about?

Sunday was breakfast at Bergen Bagel again (have you ever been? Seriously, the best bagels I’ve ever had!) and then head over to Manhattan for an impromptu shopping spree, while I waited for my friend Jason Wisdom to show up. We had a few hours of a much needed catch up and then he was off.

I then watched the AMAs and wrapped the weekend off with a little more music. Not bad huh? I loved every minute of it 🙂

Oh, and just to get the festive atmosphere going a little something something from the Time Warner Center. Isn’t it pretty?


5 responses to “Another great weekend

  1. Key lime cheesecake? Awesome.

  2. Yep, and it was delicious. They all were actually.

  3. Is it bad that the only thing I read was Banana Cream Cheesecake?

  4. Not at all :), I'm still thinking about it.

  5. ¡Las luces del TWC! Me encanta cuando en la tarde les ponen música y cambian de color. Columbus Circle es mi lugar favorito en NY y esta época del año me encanta. Sigh… Me hace falta NY.

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