I’ve been up to stuff, I swear. I just haven’t been blogging much lately. I have things on my mind. I’ll come around and share eventually, you’ll see, I always do. For now, some pics of my roamings:

Wednesday night Jason and I met Mark and Jo for dinner at Socarrat Paella Bar, down in Chelsea. We order some tapas and then two different types of paellas.

The meat one.

And the sea food one.
They were delicious, highly recommend this place.

Then, on Friday I had to hike down to the Financial District to drop off some keys and pick up some mail. I hadn’t been to Wall St. in a while and this was a cloudy, gloomy sort of day. If it weren’t for the people it would have felt like a ghost town down there. I did though, stop by into Trinity Church. Have you ever been? It’s beautiful. Very welcoming and quiet enough to sit down for a bit and give a little shout, and say thanks for all the good things and people in my life.

And then at night, after an impromptu conversation with the Sanderson’s via skype, to see Nick play the beginnings of Eleanor Rigby on the guitar, Sophie popped up on the screen. We got to talking and somehow a sleepover was conjured. She got very excited about the matter and convinced her dad to bring her over to my place for the night. She arrived in her PJs and pink winter jacket and brought her pink backpack filled with clothes and toys. It was a sight to see, I wish I had a picture of that to show you. We enjoyed a little bubble bath, food, and some munequitos on TV, as Sophie call cartoons.

Then on Sunday I went to meet baby William. My friends Luisa and Jim had their second child, a beautiful baby boy. Bypass my face, please, not the best picture of me, just focus on William. Isn’t he perfect? And he smells to die for. I so want one just like this to take home with me. Please? Pretty please?

And then, there’s this.
I couldn’t pass it by. Nick is coming into his sense of humor and is a delight to be around these days. I hope adolescence doesn’t kick in too soon or too hard. I’m not ready for it!
Hope your weekend was as varied and as fun as mine.


4 responses to “Roamings

  1. Tapas sounds good right now…

  2. Right? I could go for some right about now too.

  3. Great! Now I'm craving paella. And I've never had a meat one. *drooling* Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

  4. And this one is one to crave! I had never had a meat one either, but I'm telling you, it's worth the try!

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