I fasted all day yesterday. For the first time in my life I went without food for more than 24 hours willingly. I had a lot of water and a tea late at night, because I’m still sick with this cold which started last week, but aside from that nothing else went into my system. And I have to stay I was expecting more. Not really sure what I was expecting from just one day, but I had this fantasy I would be totally cleansed from the inside out. I thought I would go to the bathroom more, be totally cleared headed and invigorated by the cleanliness of it all. Not so much. I was hungry, my stomach was protesting most of the time and I felt tired and sleepy. I think that last part might have been because of the cold, but still, energy? No where to be seen yesterday.

This morning I woke up and ate fruit I had smartly purchased yesterday to have right at hand. I had some grapes, two slices of pineapple, orange juice and then half a banana and one strawberry (they weren’t as sweet as I thought they would be). And that was it. I thought I would want to eat the world once I was up allowed to eat it up. Not really. My stomach was a little upset, in fact at one point I thought I might throw up, but what? There was not much there to begin with!

So now, I’ve had lunch and went back to my normal eating and I feel OK. Still a little weird, but still not sure if it’s the fasting side effect or the cold. In any case, I was thinking “wouldn’t it be great if I could do this every week? Go one day without eating and cleanse my body that way.” Um, yeah, I’m rethinking that now. I think overall I feel worse than I thought I would and the benefits, well, I haven’t seem them yet. Or maybe I did it wrong? Have you fasted before? How do you do it? Were you happy with the results? Please enlighten me, I don’t want to go hungry again just to realize there’s no benefit whatsoever.


3 responses to “Fasting?

  1. Usually when I get sick, I lose appetite, and try and stay hydrated..seems to be what a body needs once in a while..

  2. Jen: no creo que deberías ayunar cuando tu cuerpo está luchando contra un bicho, mejor recuperate primero y después ayuna, pobrecita con hambre todo el día…La verdad que valient, no se si yo podría dejar de comer…

  3. buffalodick – I usually do too, but this time it didn't seem so, I could have eaten an elephant given the chance. Pillo – No sabes lo dificil, aunque creo que porque estaba como fuera de forma se me hizo mas facil que un dia cualquiera, ademas que dormi la mayor parte del dia 😉

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