And then there’s redemption

Hi Jen,

I did not die in the meanwhile but actually spend quite some time thinking about this. I think first and foremost this: I very much apologize for what happened. It has been and does bug me. I am truly sorry and ask you to forgive me.

I see your point of view – it never was my perspective that any of it was your fault; hence I really did not intend to pretend it was. Sorry as well if it came across that way. I tried to point out why I reacted the way I did but did not mean to put any blame on you. It most certainly is on me.


Apparently, I am not such a poor judge of character as we thought. Buffalodick, I’m looking at you 😉


5 responses to “And then there’s redemption

  1. Glad you had an explanation- finally.. and an apology!

  2. buffalodick – yep, me too. I'm glad he turned out to be the person I thought he was to begin with.

  3. Wow. Interesting. I'm glad he had the balls to write that. I never thought you were wrong. 🙂 ¿Cómo va todo con el nuevo galán?

  4. Not so Little Woman – Yeah, definitely good for him for doing the right thing. I did have my doubts though. There was a time there when I really doubted he was the man I thought he was when I feel in love with him, but alas, things come full circle. El nuevo galan esta de lo mejor, es un bello! 🙂

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