Free advice

If I could give men all around some relationship advice, I would say this:

1.- Answer. When texted, called, emailed, or any other form of contact by a lady, answer her. Even if it’s to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’, just answer. It’s the courteous thing to do.

2.- When involved with someone, be it a relationship, casual dating, a one night stand, a quickie, or any other form of contact with a woman, and suddenly realize you want out, for any reason, say so. Don’t fade, don’t evaporate into thin air, don’t ignore her, just tell her. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Just do it. Do it for her, she deserves at least that. And if you’re thinking she’s just not worth your time or trouble, then do it for yourself. Because karma? Karma is a bitch and she will come back and bite you in the ass, when you least expect it.


14 responses to “Free advice

  1. I have to remember to be brave enough to do this myself.

  2. Kate – You're right, I guess it does go both ways. But for some reason it seems to be men's MO much more frequently than women's.

  3. This can't be good.

  4. Mike – 🙂 Just take the advice and run with it. Trust me, you'll be better off.

  5. Fuck. Perfectly said. Thanks.

  6. Susan Mercedes – You're welcome. And welcome to my blog!Sizzle – Unfortunately, I think most women do 😦

  7. I love this. It's so simple, yet so many of them find it so difficult to do.Y en cosas no relacionadas, hoy me acordé de tí mucho, porque estoy planeando ir mañana a comer arepas venezolanas con un amigo. Jiji!

  8. Not so Little Woman – I know, right? You'd think it was straight forward, but nope. Que chévere! Que las disfrutes mucho! 🙂

  9. I hope this isn't about your new man??Guys disappear because they're chicken and would rather let it fade than have the 'courteous conversation'.I've dated a load and only one man has ever said to me 'thanks but no thanks', and that was over the phone when I called him.It sucks, but it's good to accept that men just don't have the same emotional leves as women, they don't need closure, or think about courtesies most the time.And yeah, they do get bitten by karma because of it.

  10. The Sarjent – Well, to tell the truth, I have had my share of guys who own up to their end of things, but it's the ones who don't that really get to me, plus they give men in general a bad rep.Fortunately, this has nothing to do with Jason, so far he's a sweetie and to be frank I doubt he would would ever do something like this, he's just not the type.

  11. Jen, become a better judge of character. I have been blessed with few missteps reading people. Damage control doesn't hold a candle to prevention.. Don't take this wrong, but you must start giving your valuable limited time on Earth to people who deserve it. Good Luck!

  12. buffalodick – Why are you always on the money? You're so right. At the end the problem is not them; how they choose to act is their business, who I choose to be with, is mine. Thanks!

  13. Totalmente de acuerdo, totalmente!!

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