I went to a friend’s baby shower on Sunday and these were some of the things said while smiling broadly:

“So….. I’ve seen the pictures! He’s cute!”

JM “Yeah, he is, and he’s also very sweet and nice, which is wonderful.”

“Yeah when I saw you changed your profile picture and said Jason might like this. And then he immediately wrote he loved the new pic. I started thinking, ok, people, get a room already!”

JM “Yeah, I guess we can make people gag sometimes.”


4 responses to “Smiling

  1. Aren't you a lucky girl! Maybe there's hope after all…

  2. Kate – I do feel lucky 🙂 I definitely believe there is hope, for all!

  3. I say, be as flamboyantly disgusting as you want. You've certainly been waiting & working at it for long enough!!

  4. Jason Wisdom – Thanks! I'll try my very best 🙂

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