Holding out

I’ve been a little off this week. Busy for sure, but still a bit off physically. I started going to the chiropractor again last week and it seems like every time I go it kicks my butt, and I end up having to take pain killers and needing long naps to recover. This week, unfortunately, wasn’t any different. It’s my neck and my upper back, they hurt like hell and apparently stress, which nowadays is just a given with life, doesn’t help one bit.

Anyhow, my last weekend, which is where I left off in this a bit of an abandoned blog, was filled with a lot of dissertation work, a mani, two river jogs, a tarot card reading over the phone with The Tarot Lady (who is awesome) and a trip to Brooklyn to see Jason. Ah Jason. Yes, I know I’ve been holding out, for quite some time now, but I guess I just wanted to keep it private for a while. Have you ever felt something is so good you don’t want to share with anyone else? Well, that’s sort of how I have felt about Jason.

So yes, I have been holding out. I have stories, many stories, I have not been writing about. But you see sometimes life needs to be lived a little before we share it, oh and there’s always that little bit of jinxing things while sharing too much or too soon, we need to look out for as well. But I figured I’d take my chances, and share the joy with you all, because a girl can’t hold out for ever, now can she?

You remember the guy I met a week before I left for Caracas, some three/four months ago? Well it so happens that during my two and a half months in Caracas we chatted, texted, and talked several times a day, mostly everyday and that just hasn’t stopped to this day. I heard people often saying, “we met that day at such and such place and have been together ever since” and had always wonder how can that be? How can you just meet someone and from that moment on have them be part of you day-to-day like they just belong. Well, now I know. Even being kilometers away, countries and continents apart, didn’t stop us from being part of each other’s daily life, and now that we are back together in the same city (mostly) we can do it even more so.

So we’ve spent every weekend, since I got back together. You see, Jason is an actor, and is currently working in a theater in NJ. So he has to be there during the week and only comes into NY for a few days, sometimes even less than 24 hours (like, for example, the past weekend) and then has to go back to rehearse and act.

This weekend is going to be different though. Tomorrow I head out to Beach Haven to see him. He has a show at 8, which I will go to and will be spending most of the weekend with him, except for the hours he’ll be rehearsing for the next play, which starts next week and which hopefully, I’ll get to see too.

So here we are, this is Jason, the reason I smile much more these days.

Isn’t he cute? 😉

11 responses to “Holding out

  1. Holy smokes, y'all are gorgeous!!!

  2. I must say, I did wonder. It was all those tweets! :)Have fun! You're an adorable couple.

  3. Felicidades Jen, una mujer brilla con la ilusión del amor =)…Que bonitos se ven juntos…

  4. Happy to hear you two are working out.If chiropractic is kicking your butt you should go to someone else. You shouldn't feel like that when you leave. We aren't all created equal, so I would suggest you find someone else.

  5. hello, adorable! im so happy to hear that things are going well with him 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!!!oh, and i have a great chiropractor if you're interested in seeing someone else…

  6. Ah! So there is the man behind your smiling. You are an adorable couple. I'm just so happy you are happy. 🙂

  7. So happy for you. I am kinda in the same boat. I started talking to this guy one day, then we went to a baseball game together and had a beer another day. Before I knew it, five months had passed and we are still together just simply enjoying each others company. It definitely makes life a bit easier. So congrats to you!

  8. abbersnail – :)justrun – yep, I sure was tweeting about it, not blogging, but tweeting, yep. Thanks!pillo – si verdad, estar feliz hace ver todo más bonito.mike – thanks! You know I don't think the problem is him, I think I'm just too tense and it's more a muscle thing than a bone thing for me.bex – thanks! And thanks for the chiropractor info too. We should get together sometime now that you're back in the city!sizzle – thank you :)heidi – thanks! It truly does make life easier, when your happy everything seems a little better 🙂 Happy for you too!

  9. Aw that's great, good on you two! He has a lovely smile too. How'd you meet then?? Continue to enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Óyeme! Tá bien guapo! Felicidades! :)Y eso es lo lindo de las relaciones. Cada una es diferente y cuando hay chispas, hay chispas. No importa la distancia o el tiempo. 🙂

  11. The Sarjent – Thanks! We met online, how else? ;)Not so Little Woman – Si, es un bello verdad? Gracias!

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