Arepas for lunch

Nancy, Radhika and I had wanted to go for lunch to Caracas Arepa Bar for quite some time now. We finally set a date and went this Friday.

We all had papelón con limón for a drink. It was cold, light and refreshing.
The decoration there is very picturesque.

They even have a Venezuelan’s worst presidents wall:
Carlos Andrés Pérez, Luis Herrera and, of course, Hugo Rafael Chávez.

For appetizers we had platanitos fritos con queso.

And tequeños. Y can’t go there and not have tequeños.

We were happy.

Very happy.

And then we had arepas. Both Nancy and Radhika had a Reina Pepiada.

And I had a pelúa (shredded beef and cheese).

Nancy said now she wanted to go to Venezuela to have more Venezuelan food. I said, me too Nancy, me too!


6 responses to “Arepas for lunch

  1. Great gals, but you still win the prize! Hoping you have more great times!

  2. Can we please go there next time I'm in NY? I haven't had venezuelan Arepas in forever and you've just made me crave them badly!

  3. Delish delish! My friend owns Arepa Arepa in Williamsburg. You should check it out sometime and let me know what you think!

  4. buffalodick – ah, you make me blush :)not so little woman – Sure thing! When are you coming girl?pinknest – You know, I've heard about it, but never been. Need to check it out!

  5. Que delicia, en Londres había una chica de Venezuela y nos preparó arepas una vez y fui felíz, se ven buenisimas =)

  6. Pillo – Que chévere que las arepas te hacen feliz. A mi también de vez en cuando.

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