It’s October people. October! And you know what that means? (1) It’s officially fall (it’s in the 50s, yahoo!), (2) my birthday is coming up (the 26), (3) Halloween is around the corner (think of all that candy, yum!) and (4) we are just 2 months away from Christmas (my favorite holiday of all times).
Can I get a hooray?


7 responses to “October

  1. The year is flying by! I just had my birthday, and if I knew I was going to get this old, I'd have taken better care of myself!

  2. buffalodick – it is just zipping away. It seems as just yesterday it was Christmas, and here it is around the corner again.

  3. Yay for October birthdays! 🙂

  4. justrun – Yay indeed! 🙂

  5. October birthdays, yay! Mine is in October, and my husband's is, and my two brothers, and his brother and my dad. What's up with that… I *wish* it felt like autumn here — but hooray anyway!

  6. Will make sure to send a virtual hug for your birthday.And hey! One more thing we have in common: I love Christmas too!

  7. Helen – That's a lot of October birthdays! Hope it cools off there soon too. Not so little woman – : ) Thanks! Yep, Christmas is the best!

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