Not another frog

My sister was in Sweden this summer and from Kalmar Slott (apparently it’s the castle that produced the fairy tale of the prince turned into a frog) she brought me back this:

You notice the crown? Well, she figured I’d kiss way too many real frogs in my life, it was about time I kissed one with the assurance he’d be the real deal. So there, thanks to Liz, my search is over. Now, if I could just manage to convince myself to kiss him, he just might turn into a real prince.

While I wait and give myself time to mull this over, I have placed him right next to the little sheep they gave me at the spirituality conference back in June, in representation of God’s flock.

I’m guessing either luck or God will bring my prince into my life and while I can get them working together in my favor, the odds have to be improving, right?
Bets, anyone?


4 responses to “Not another frog

  1. I could use a frog. Couldn't hurt!

  2. justrun – Couldn't hurt!

  3. Careful! You could marry a prince that turns into a frog… We start looking that way after many years!

  4. buffalodick – 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up!

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