Columbia University

About a month or so ago, while in Caracas, I wrote a post conveying my love for Universidad Metropolitana. I’ve spent 9 years of my life there, as both a student and a professor, and I thought my love for the place should be shared and explained through pictures. As I got back to NYC and started working again I ventured over to Columbia, the university that houses me now, and I realized I’ve spent 7 years on my life there by now, also studying and working, which is not too far from the time I’ve spent at the Unimet. I first came to CU in 1997 for my MA and my MEd and also worked there for a year before I went back to Caracas in 2000. I then came back again in 2005 to pursue the doctorate which has taken over my life these past years. It’s 2009 now and I’m still at it.

I figured I owed CU, if for the sake of antiquity only, some sort of recognition. I’m not in love with Columbia, not the same way as I am with La Metro, but I do have a soft spot for it, and here, I’ll try to show you why.

Columbia University, founded in 1754, is located on 116th St and Broadway. That’s were you can find the main entrance.

You can reach it by taking the 1 train, on the red line.

It will drop you off right in front of the Columbia University Theater.

In the summer it will also have a Mister Softee parked in front of the gates.

Across from the main campus you’ll see Barnard College, an all girls Columbia liberal arts school. Way back when it was called King’s College, the main campus was for men and Barnard College for women. Things have changed now in CU, but you will still find mostly women in Barnard.

Venture through the gates of knowledge,

and you will find path ways,




interesting windows,

nice views,

new buildings,

Alma Matter,

the Thinker because people are suppose to think hard, very hard, here.

Memorials in the form of benches.

A chapel.

Beautiful details in the architecture.

And buildings with classrooms and offices.

Lots of buildings.

CU’s symbol, the lion.

The gym.

New buildings not quite finished yet.

And old classics.

Ivy, because there’s always ivy in Ivy League universities.

A map of the place in case you get lost.

And down the stairs and across the street,

you’ll see Teachers College. TC is Columbia’s college for everything related to education.

And the place where I’ve spent most of the past 4 years of my life.

It’s very close to Riverside Church, which you can see there in the back.

It was founded in 1887 and affiliated to Columbia in 1898.

And has gone through some major refurbishing since I came here first in 1997.

TC was John Dewey‘s home for a while and they’re very proud of that fact here. Dewey is the father of progressive education.

This is Main Hall, now called Zankel Building. The floor you see when you first enter.

Down the hall to the right you’ll find the library’s entrance which is quite ornate.

And there’s a whole lot more buildings and offices and classrooms, but I don’t want to bore you with the details. You get the sense don’t you? Not too shabby for a place that was originally conceived 250 plus years ago, right?


6 responses to “Columbia University

  1. Very cool to be a part of such historic schools. Smarty pants! 🙂

  2. I do love CU and everything that surrounds it… I do consider it my Alma Mater, and I did cry with your post…

  3. justrun – It is kind of cool ;)Mond – I know you love and miss it dearly. It misses you, I'm sure of it! Don't cry Ing, just come back.


  5. it's a lot prettier than my university was! SJ x

  6. Cele – La verdad es, jamás abrá otra igual. Aquí te estoy esperando!!!The Sarjent – Oh yes, pretty it is! 🙂

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