Friday night

For tonight I had invited a very special guest for a sleepover.
So I went out and bought some treats,

and some flowers, because we girls like flowers.

But then Liz called to say the little princess had fallen asleep. With all that first week of preschool thing going on for her this week, the kid was beat. The sleepover had to be postponed.

So I arranged the flowers,

and baked myself some cookies,

and now I’m just chilling, having cookies and milk on this lovely Friday night. Not bad huh? Although I do miss my little princess.

3 responses to “Friday night

  1. Awesome! Flowers and cookies for Friday night. That's exquisite. And don't you forget it! I made schezwan green beans with the ones from my garden and I'm listening to Steve Martin's banjo cd and I'm so very happiiiieeee!

  2. I bought Nutella once, and it didn't fly to high around here… I hate to prepare, and then have it cancelled!

  3. Kate – It sounds like we both had ourselves some awesome Friday night indoors indulging! ; )buffalodick – Yeah, canceled plans aren't my favorite either, but what can we do, little girls fall asleep. I absolutely LOVE nutella and bought this one to make croissant filled with chocolate as a breakfast treat. I might have it tomorrow 🙂

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