Things that make my day

I’ve been quite happy lately, and it’s the good happy too. The giddy, tingly, can’t stop smiling happy. These are a few of the things I’ve been hearing in these past few days that have made me smile:

“I have photos of you and of course, could see you are pretty, but I had forgotten how attractive you really are in person.”

“What?” “Nothing, just thinking how lucky I am that you’re here.”

“You look so beautiful when you smile broadly like that.”

“I’m so comfortable around you, and giddy and smiley and happy.”

Yep, I have a feeling that if you were me right now, you’d be smiling too.


4 responses to “Things that make my day

  1. Um. Happy Happy things to be happy about! Yeah!

  2. I'm happy you are experiencing this type of joy! You deserve it. Disfrutalo!

  3. Kate – Yep :)Liz – Thanks! :)Pinknest – Indeed it is!

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