On scents

It’s no secret I’m a scent girl. Meaning I like people who smell good and tend to smell good myself. I used to say I couldn’t date a man who didn’t smell good and I stand by that. Not sure what it is, but someone’s scent can really make it or break it for me. I’ve distanced myself from people, who otherwise would be great friends, just because I can’t take the way they smell. Judge all you want, it’s still the truth and I can’t do anything about. It’s visceral for me.

There are natural scents, the non artificial way people smell, from their own, personal chemical composition. And then there’s added-on scents, perfume, colognes and the sort. I notice both. I can be completely absorbed in reading, music listening or just lost in thought and a nice smelling someone passes by me and I immediately look up. It’s like a magnetic pull.

Personally, I have my favorites. I tend to go for sweet, soft scents for me and for strong, wooden masculine scents for men. I don’t really like flowery or fruity perfumes, or the sporty, extra fresh kind either. When I was in highschool I used Ciara and people noticed. I have a friend that years after highschool graduation still remembered the name of my perfume then. I’ve outgrown Ciara since and have a few other favorites now, in fact I have quite a little collection of them I rotate daily.

Some are for night events, the stronger, overpowering ones.
And some others are great for day-to-day activities.

I can’t seem to live without them. I wear perfume even on days I stay home and know for sure I will not be going out. Becuase ultimately, I wear it for me. I wear it because I like it.

My favorite, for quite some time now, is London, from Burberry. I have it in a few different sizes.

I had recently gotten this one as a gift from my sister, so I took it with me to Caracas
to wear during the summer. It’s L’eau The One by Dolce & Gabbana and it’s perfect for daily use.

And then, while in Caracas, my dad brought me this as a gift from trip he made to the DR.
It’s CH by Carolina Herrera and it’s very nice, I’m loving it right now.

Do you like perfumes? What do you wear?

12 responses to “On scents

  1. If a guy doesn't have a good natural scent, I just simply cannot be with them. The Dead Guy smelled PERFECT! And I could tell when he was sick. He didn't smell right. I wore Beatiful for years. And Lauren. Now? Pretty much nothing. I can't find the right one.

  2. I've recently discovered 'Fuel For Life Femme' by Diesel… it's my new fave. Have you tried it yet?:o)

  3. I'm trying to find a new scent right now! I just exhausted my bottle of Chance by Chanel (LOVE). I also like Delicious by DKNY, and I had but started to dislike Burberry Weekend. I wanted to get Island by Michael Kors, but haven't indulged yet. I may go back to Escada Sentiment.

  4. My scent choices change depending on my mood. Today I'm wearing DKNY's Be Delicious, but I also love to keep it simple with a dab of essential oil behind each ear (lately: rose and jasmine). However, I recently picked up a body wash that smells like a spicy vanilla, and would love to find a scent that compliments or mimicks those notes. Any suggestions?

  5. Kate- The dead guy smelled perfect? I know you could rephrase that, to allow me to enjoy dinner tonight…Women that go overboard on perfume make me sneeze… I shouldn't be able to pick up what you smell like past 18" inches, and it should be the scent, not the trail you are leaving…

  6. Wow, look at all your perfumes! A pretty collection. I love Jo Malone. And I don't like colognes on men!

  7. I just found out my scent (that I've been wearing for 8+ years) has been discontinued (thanks for nothing Body Shop) so I guess I am on the hunt!

  8. Kate – I know what you mean. I had a boyfriend I absolutely adored who smelled like baby powder. I loved his natural scent and also could sense easily when something was off by the way he smelled. Pwn Star – I've never tried any diesel fragrances, I might need to explore more ;)Passionista – I have Chance by Chanel too and love it, although for me it's one of my night perfumes, meaning it's on the strong scent side. Escada has nice scents and I loved (don't have it any more) Michael by Michael Kors. Have you tried Samsara by Givenchi? I love the sweetness of Givenchi fragrances. Jennifer Nicole – Oh, I really like DKNY's Be Delicious, but I'm with you it really depends on the mood. I'd guess with a spicy vanilla something along the sweet not so over powering lines would go well, have you tried London by Burberry? I just think it goes with anything, it's really light and subtle. Buffalodick – Well, no need to go overboard, but smelling good is a must!Pinknest – I've never tried Jo Malone, might need to check it out. But for men? They have to have cologne to be with me! ;)Sizzle – I hate it when that happens! It feels like they did it on purpose just to us, doesn't it?

  9. I like it when at 36 you describe yourself as a girl

  10. maverick – well, my dear, I will always be a girl, a very girlie girl, no matter how old I am. It's not the label that counts, it's the essence.

  11. so true! I'm 33 and very girl-like too.Ithink all women are girls at heart.I've got the new prada scent, you probably wouldn't like it, it's quite fresh but I love it. I also like musky scents.I have cool water davidoff, wore that at college and bought a new bottle fairly recently.I've got London too, but it's different to yours by someone else. It's lasted ages without getting that 'off' smell some perfumes get.I wore 'happy' with me ex (clinique), as he gave it to me, but now I can't wear it because it reminds me of him.smells are like musical notes or songs on the radio for me, very evocative and they remind me of times past so much I often can't wear them again once the bottle runs out (bye Calvin Klein, one- 18 years old, Polo sport, me at college, issy miyake – me first moving into london and working…u get the picture!

  12. The Sarjent – It so true, scents bring back so many memories and so quickly too. Apparently, the sense of smell is the sense which triggers memories the fastest of all senses. So yeah, there are some colognes that bring back memories of specific someones from my past and other scents that take me back to a place and time reliving it as it was today. Sometimes we want that memory lane trip, but others it's just too nostalgic to bare.

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