Rain? Not so much.

It’s raining in NYC today, so much for the great welcoming weather. I had planned a morning out running errands: bank, Pier 1, sunglasses shop, Duane Reade and maybe even a stop to Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, since they’re on my way and all. I had also planned a jog along the river since my run the other day was more of a power walk than anything, I figured I needed the training to get back into the habit of exercising.

Instead, I’m here, in my pjs, having breakfast while contemplating people running outside trying to hold on to their unstable umbrellas, because beside the rain, it’s also very windy out there.

I think I’ll wait it out and give myself a mani instead. Sounds like a plan doesn’t?


4 responses to “Rain? Not so much.

  1. It's raining here too 😦 Manicure sounds great.

  2. Passionista – And a good mani it was too! 🙂

  3. I'm a total wh*re for Ann Taylor! I can't say 'no'!

  4. Pwn Star – Yeah, I know. I love it too. Oh and welcome to my blog! 🙂

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