I’m back!

I’m back in NYC and so far it’s not so bad. The weather is awesome, I managed to skip all the stickiness and humidity of summer, by going to the Caribbean for two and a half months, who knew? But as I get reacquainted with my life here I’ve noticed how some things have change and others, unfortunately, have not.

As I got on the bus to ride back home from my sister’s (oh how I miss my car!) I noticed the price of a ride is now $2.25 and not $2 as it was previously. WTH? When did this happen?

Another interesting MTA change was discovered this morning as I walked over to my usual bus stop on 96th and second, only to find it’s not there any more. They took away my bus stop!? Now I have to walk one more block over to 3rd Ave to catch the bus. Oh, I will not like this when winter hits, that’s for sure. I leave for a few months and they do this to me? I wonder who’s in charge here, I need to make a complaint. No, seriously, I do.

On the bright side, I noticed new ATM machines in my local bank, fancy-schmancy and all. And some decent progress on the subway line on second avenue, as well on the station they’re remodeling on 96th and Broadway. So it seems some people were actually working over the summer.

TC seems the same. The same vibe, the same people, the same place. Unfortunately, same bureaucracy and same time consuming paper work each semester. Why can’t they change that? Although they do have a new website feature which consolidates all your info into one view, it makes it much easier to find things and gives you a sense, that even as a student, you belong to this place.

One thing I notice every time I go home, is people’s welcoming attitude towards me. It feels good to be in a place where people know you and seem to care about you and seeing you again. I feel that every time I go home. People smile, ask me how it’s going in NY, if I’m back for good, or how long I’m staying. It feels warm and fuzzy to be acknowledged and remembered. Well, as I discovered when I came back, it happens here too. The doormen, the guy from the corner deli, the fruit stand lady and the cleaning store personnel, all seem to have missed me. Or at least they noticed I was away for a long time and welcomed me back. I like it. It seems like this is home too after all. I’m glad to be back. I missed you too NYC.


4 responses to “I’m back!

  1. What a nice feeling! Welcome back stateside, as they say! 🙂

  2. Until this point in my life, there's never been a place I'd wanted to return to when I left. I was so busy running from everything. Well now? When I leave my beloved Northern Plains? I am always ready to return home to the loving arms of my recovery community who do indeed – notice when I'm gone and genuinely miss me. And vice versa. It's a lovely feeling.

  3. Me recuerdas mi propio proceso de ir y venir… extraño ir.

  4. justrun – Thanks! :)Kate – I totally think it's the people, more so than the place, which make anywhere important to us. It's great to have that isn't it?Mond – Vente Ing!!!

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