El Cuatro

El cuatro is a Venezuelan instrument. It’s similar to a guitar, but smaller and with only 4 strings. It sounds quite nice and mostly every piece of Venezuelan folk music involves a cuatro. At my parents my dad has a few. Take a look:

This is a little one, a kiddy one. This one is Sophie’s, but she doesn’t play yet.

This one is the regular, adult size. It’s the one I’m going to take to NYC with me.

My dad was prepping it for me.

And playing it too.

This piece is Fuego al Cañón, is typical of Christmas.


4 responses to “El Cuatro

  1. justrun – I think so too 🙂

  2. How nice! The only thing I can get music out of is a radio!

  3. buffalodick – I think I'm tone death too, although I am trying trying to learn to play the guitar.

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