The Last Week of August

The last week of August brought with it a ton of grading. My students had taken their second test and I had a pile high of them to read. They were also in the midst of doing their presentations and I had one different to grade after each class. Work really was taking up a huge chunk of time.

I managed to cram in a visit to my granny’s one afternoon for chatting and food. There always seems to be some type of food involved here. And a merienda at Katy’s place, which involved TONS of sweets, ice cream, cookies, chocolate mousse, lemon cake, palmeritas, and the sort. You name it we had it. A lot of girl talk went on this day and playing too, what else can be done with too very active two-year-old boys? These are such beautiful boys too and smart, oh so very smart. But then what do you expect from boys who have an early childhood educator as a mom?

Thursday night I had a treat. Lupe Gehrenbeck was having a cocktail party at her workshop to show her new collection. Isn’t the invite creative? I rounded up a few friends and we headed over. Carolina bought a top, very colorful, very sexy. And I bought a dress with a special belt. I absolutely feel in love with this dress and since it can be dressed up or down, I imagine I will be wearing it quite a lot. Once I do, I’ll post some pics, for now, the suspense is on! 😉

Friday was an errand day, as it has been for the past weeks. I had a facial appointment, a run to the supermarket, I took my mom to pick up some shoes, and bought some plastic boxes. I spent some of the afternoon boxing up some stuff, organizing and putting things away. You would not believe the amount of stuff I have at my parent’s place. If I had to take it back to NYC with me I would probably need a whole extra apartment just for my books. Books, ah how I love thee.

Saturday a family gathering had been planned. Remember all the engagements that have been occurring lately? Well, we were out to celebrate one of those. My aunt Tere and her boyfriend Carlos had just, a week ago or so, decided to tie the knot, and in my family this is a good as ever reason to get together, drink, eat and celebrate, and so we did.

My uncle Rafa, my godfather.

The pasta.

My cousin Victor.

My cousin EstefanĂ­a.

My dad and uncle Emilio.

Tere and Carlos.

My cousin Mary Gaby.

My mom and aunt Marie, my godmother.

Eating it up!

More eating.

Carlos and Tere again. Happy, can you tell?

The toast.

More toasting.

My cousin Rafa and his fiancée Waidy.

Carlos, Tere, Mary Gaby and Pancho, he’s part of the family too.

Me and Rafa papĂĄ.

Me and my godparents.

Me and Carlos and Tere.

Me, my cousin Rebeca, Tere and Mary Gaby.

On Sunday I had another treat. I finally got together, after years, really I can’t remember when was the time we saw each other, with my friend Fisco. We went over to Mokambo for brunch and got a chance to catch up on everything and everyone in our lives. It was awesome really. We then headed over to Valle Arriba Club for a quick stop and some more chatting.

That Sunday lunch ran late. But once we were all ready, my mom, dad and I headed over to El Brasero de El MarquĂ©s. We had very yummy food and got a chance to talk about politics, future plans and my overall rating of this 2.5 month stay in Venezuela. I love my parents, have I said that lately? Because I do! No pics of us, but here’s some of the food we had:

Yuca frita.

PlĂĄtano maduro con queso.

Chicken, morzilla and chorizo.

And meat, punta trasera to be exact.

A great week indeed!

6 responses to “The Last Week of August

  1. There always seems to be eating and drinking in your family. Jealous, I am.

  2. Kate – Come on over, there's always plenty!

  3. You come from good people, dear! Nice photos, nice family…

  4. buffalodick – Thanks! They are quite a good bunch!

  5. i could go for some of those yuca fries right now

  6. Justin – Yep, me too!

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