El Mercadito de La Miranda

We recently discovered through a friend that also lives in this neighborhood, that on Thursdays there’s a street market that sets ground in the fútbol field of La Miranda. We went a few weeks back, but I forgot my camera. This time I was prepared. Take a look at the goodies.

The Field.

The vendors.

The people perusing.

The goods.

The line to buy cheese and get things weighed.

There’s a tequeños vendor, and so far these are one of the best tequeños I’ve tried. He claims that there the same ones that used to be sold at El Carrizo, no wonder they’re sooooo good.

There’s also a fish vendor and some cakes and baked goods, but I started chatting with my mom and telling her about the feedback my studnets had given me in my last day of class and forgot about taking pictures all together. If you know me, you’ll know that when I get going talking about something I find exciting, I forget about the rest of world, and so that’s what happened here. Maybe I’ll go back this week and take the ones I’m missing. For now I’m off to eat, all this food made me hungry.


2 responses to “El Mercadito de La Miranda

  1. My wife and I were complaining about the local farmer's market we have! I sure wish we had one like you went to here!

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