Third Week in August

This was a week of birthdays and marriage proposals. Not a bad week if you ask me. There was a total of 3 birthdays and 2 proposals and I seemed to have been there for most of them. It started off on Monday night, it was my cousin’s Elizabeth’s birthday and we went over to her place to celebrate it. Her boyfriend had been pondering the proposal for quite some time now and had decided to pop the question that night. The question came in the cake, very cute, if you ask me:

There were tears.


Pictures taken.

A ring.

And a toast!

I almost captured the kiss too.

Sorry about the quality of the pics, my cell phone camera was all I had with me.

The next birthday was my uncle Emilio’s on Wednesday. We had cake and some appetizers and talked quite a bit too. I had been at my college girlfriend’s place that afternoon, so I arrived a bit late to the get together. No pictures of that, but the cake was homemade and delicious! I had two pieces.

Thursday was my friend Trina’s birthday. I have a few pictures of the dancing bit of it, but I hear she really doesn’t like pictures of her posted on the internet, so I’m abstaining from that. She has the most adorable two year old boy, so consider yourself missing out by not getting to see those photos.

The second proposal of the week happened the same night of my uncle Emilio’s birthday. My aunt Tere and her boyfriend Carlos finally decided to tie the knot and it was official when Carlos talked to my grandmother to ask for her permission. I wasn’t there, but I hear everyone teared up. Very cute. There thinking about a December wedding.

So there you have it. Besides all this excitment, there was work (classes, a midterm I hope my students did well on, presentations on their part, and the viewing of the movie), doctor visits, a few test done as check-ups, some work on my dissertation (finally!), a visit from my aunt Marie which involved some tarot card reading, and two days of exercising for good measure. A good week all around. And now I just have two more weeks to go and I’m heading back, I think I’m starting to miss NYC.


4 responses to “Third Week in August

  1. Tis the season I guess because my friend just got engaged on Saturday!

  2. It must be. Another friend of mine popped the question a few months ago when I'd just arrived to Caracas, so yeah, it must be in the air or something.

  3. Wow! You sure had a lot going on all at once! You must be good luck for your relatives!

  4. buffalodick – : ) I hope I am!

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