Second Week of August

Time is flying by. Can you believe that I’ve been in Venezuela for 7 weeks now? I only have 3 more to go and I plan to make the best of them, so keep posted, plenty updates to come.

This past week was full of work as all weeks seem to begin these days. But I’m loving it. I love working in la Metro, I love teaching again, I really like my students and I’m enjoying the whole experience more so than I ever did before. Who even knew that was possible? I think the fact that I’m older, and hopefully more mature, has influenced my approach on teaching and what I want students to get out of the time they have with me. Also, the fact that I’ve had a 4.5 year break from teaching undergrad students, has worked miracles. I go to work with a smile on my face every day, whereas back in 2004 when I left this job, I was completely saturated with teaching and especially burned out by grading!

For class, I saw Mandela and De Klerk. That’s the movie my students will be watching tomorrow, they have to write a paper on it, applying all the concepts and theories on Leadership we’ve been studying. I really enjoyed the movie. It’s not only inspiring and admirable, but it’s filled with hope, and seeing as the recent Educational Law passed, by the lunatic we have as president, this past week, it made me think how much we need a leader. Not just any leader though, we need someone with integrity, someone who will stick to the battle come hell, hay or high water, someone who will not lose hope and who will instill it upon his followers. We so need a leader right now, a Mandela, a Gandhi, a Luther King, a Joan of Arc, someone. I hope my students get inspired by this movie and are able to see the importance of leadership, of good, positive, ethical leadership.

Aside from work, I started exercising again this week. I made it to the track for a jog three times. The first one left me in pain the next day. But by the second time I jogged, I was back in shape again. I really need to watch what I eat, I’ve gained weight and my size 4 pants are so tight they’ve become unwearable. I know, I don’t look fat, but pants don’t lie and neither does the scale. I’ve gained weight and I need to get rid of it. The thing is, even though I’m working, I feel like I’m on vacation, just by the sole fact I’m in the Caribbean and going out so much. So I guess I’ll worry about weight loss once I’m back to NYC and back into my regular routine.

Thursday night I went with my dad to have drinks and appetizers at Pestana Caracas. This is a new hotel in Santa Eduvigis in Caracas, which has a roof deck bar with a 360 degrees view of the city. The wine was good, the food was good, but definitely the best part was the view. Highly recommend it. After that, our sweet tooth had developed a sudden urge, so we headed over to the 4D for ice cream. I had rochere and crocante gelato at 10:30 pm. And I’m surprised I’ve gained weight?

Friday was my cousin’s Mary Gaby’s birthday, so we headed over for some celebrating. Of course h’orderves were served and had, as well as sangria and cake, fluffy strawberry and cream cake with little bits of chocolate inside. Again, how is it that I’m still surprised?

Saturday was the kicker though. My mom came back from Puerto La Cruz and my dad invited us out for dinner. We went to Come a Casa as per my recommendation, since I had been there my second week in Caracas with some friends.

We had tinto de verano.

And I wore my green flower.

And smiled.

We started out with these 3 little creams and bread. They were really tasty.

And then (after I was convinced that putting the flash on was the best bet) had rollitos de berenjena con queso y prosciutto.

My mom went with carpaccio. See, she’s the smart one when it comes to weight control.

My dad had fetuccini mare.

And I had penne prosciutto. Yeah, great for those pounds I need to lose, right?

It was delicious though, I had it all, every single bit of it. And then we got the dessert menu. How were we supposed to say no to dessert?

My dad had the mousse de arequipe.

And I had panacotta nutella. It was heavenly.

My mom just had a capuccino. I told you she was the smart one.

After the delicious dinner my dad wanted to go check out the recently repaired fountain at Plaza Venezuela, so we went, and I took pictures.

And even a little video, since they were playing very loud Venezuelan music. I thought it would be nice to capture the atmosphere of it all.

Sunday we went to see C4 Trio. My dad had purchased tickets in advance to go see them at Teatrex. But once we were seated and waiting for it to start they informed us two of C4 Trio members are on tour and sitting in for them were 4 performers from different groups which compose the Urban Acoustic Movement being held in the city this month. We were a bit disappointed, but enjoyed it just the same.

Then we roamed Centro Comercial Paseo El Hatillo for a while, walking into art galleries (my favorite pastime) and into different overpriced shops. And then we had sushi. Of course, how could we let the day pass by without more delicious food?

We had gyosas.

And aderezo de atún.

And shumai.

And kamikaze roll.

And rainbow roll.

A great way to end the week don’t you think?


3 responses to “Second Week of August

  1. Pensando en liderazgo personal, te podría decir que Covey te felicitaria por el buen balance de tus áreas de vida…..todas ellas están siendo atendidas con gran cuidado y esmero..te feicito..Te quieroTu maqui

  2. Great looking food! You make it sound like a great place!

  3. Columba – 🙂 Yo también te quiero MUCHO!buffalodick – well, it is a great place and you can find whatever your heart desires in terms of food, so I'm guessing it's right up your alley!

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