My mom’s findings

My mom texted me last night saying she was going to El Paseo Colón. She stayed in Puerto La Cruz for the week and was heading over to buhonero heaven. Did I want anything, she asked. I said yes, of course. Flowers for my hair would be great!

She was on a mission and today when she arrived the first order of business was to take a look at what she had found.

Flowers for my hair!

And earrings made of tapara.

Isn’t my mom the best?

4 responses to “My mom’s findings

  1. How does one find such things in lowly South Dakota? I must have flowers for my hair, too. I must!

  2. Kate – I think one gets them mailed from friends who have access to them. So send me your address via email and I'll mail you one as soon as I get back to NYC.

  3. Passionista – Thanks! Every time I wear the flowers someone compliments them.

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