And then came August

The first week of August brought with it a bit more grading, more class prepping, a visit to the dermatologist, which turns out I hadn’t been to since 1994, back when I was 22, a hiccup with a bank (story for another post), a merienda in St. Honoré with my mom, a visit to my grandma’s and some food shopping at a local street market, which I definitely have to visit again and this time take pictures of.

But the highlight of the week was definitely the weekend in Puerto la Cruz. We took off Friday after lunch and got there just in time for dinner. We went to Tío Pepe, my dad’s favorite place. The food is great and the service even better. I forgot to take pictures unfortunately, but I had a lobster bisque that was very good and the casabe con mantequilla y perejil, which to my surprise, is something I am growing fond of.

The main attraction in Puerto la Cruz is El Parque Nacional Mochima, and on Saturday we took my dad’s boat to El Faro.

Since it wasn’t a holiday there weren’t a lot of people there and
the water was crystal clear. It was perfect.

And it was a good thing you could see the bottom from above, because in our anchoring maneuver, we lost on of the anchors to the sea. You think we need navigating assistance? Yep, you’re right!

I had to swim and ask to borrow a mask so that I could open my eyes under water and see what I was trying to fetch. Our neighbors, the boat on the far right, kindly lent me one of their masks, since ours were forgotten in Caracas.

My attempt though, to reach the anchor, failed. It was a complete surprise to me how buoyant I actually am. I could not sink to the bottom for the life of me. So we asked for help. One of these guys was the one who actually fished it out, after many failed attempts on my part, mask and all.

But after the whole anchor show, we could finally chill and enjoy the water.

And take pictures.

And goof around.

And eventually have lunch.

Cachito de jamón!

That night we had dinner in Mango at Plaza Mayor, but I was too hungry to take pictures of that. I had a ham margarita pizza and then for dessert we shared a crepe de dulce de leche with helado de mantecado. Yum!

Sunday we decided not to take boat out, wise right? Instead we went by car to the closest beach, Conoma, and set camp there for a few hours.

It wasn’t in the best of shapes,
definitely not the best beach we could have chosen,
but it would do.

There were a few rocks.

But the water was nice.

My parents read,

while I lounged and took in the sun.

It was a bit overcast.

But good just the same.

Once it started raining we headed back to Puerto la Cruz.

And had lunch in El Sultán. Kibbe, yummy fried kibbe and crema de garbanzo y berenjena.

We also had chicken schawarma, tabule and kebabs,
but I was too busy eating to keep on taking pictures.
See my tan? And the belly I’m getting from all this eating?

Yeah, I foresee dieting in my future, in my not so far future. And I didn’t even need my cards for that! I’m getting good at this fortune telling thing, don’t you agree? 😉


4 responses to “And then came August

  1. Dear, I seldom give advice, but if you can work there, make a living, and be with your family- in Paradise! Do it! Time to go home…

  2. buffalodick – I know it is sort of paradise, in a way, but politically it's a whole different ball game, and I really have not interest in living in a country govern by a dictator. It's a shame. Maybe one day when he's gone I can come back and live in paradise again. But thank you for the advice, I do appreciate it.

  3. All the boats! I'm jealous right now… a lot jealous. :)And, girl, I know it's all relative but you made me say it: diet? Please, you look fantastic!

  4. justrun – Don't be jealous, just pay us a visit! Thanks, but I have gain a few pounds which I could afford to lose.

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