Fourth Week in July

The fourth week of July was the week Liz and Sophie flew back to NYC. So that Monday I spent it with Sophie. We read, we sang, we talked to Nick via skype and just hung out together all morning. At night, family came over to say their goodbyes and early Tuesday morning my dad and I drove them to the airport. How I miss that girl!

That week was also the week of my student’s first exam. It was a week of planing, designing tests, grading and the sort. They also started with their presentations, but unfortunately the first one was not that great. Why is it that our student’s failures feel like our own personal ones?

That Friday we had our traditional Tendida de Brujas. For those of you who don’t know, I read the tarot cards. It started out as a hobby, something I did for fun, but after reading a few books and taking a couple courses, I now do it more seriously. Not that I live off it, in fact I’ve never charged anyone for a reading, but I do it more consciously now, more responsibly, I would say. The gathering was fun, we had tarot card readers, astrologists, fans and onlookers, oh, and lots and lots of food and drinks, it’s not a gathering without food and drinks.

The weekend was a mixture of grading and class prepping, and going out too. Saturday night I went with my cousin Carolina to see a play. There’s a new theater in a new mall in El Hatillo called Teatrex. The play was Por Amor al Arte and it was an adaptation of a movie I saw some time back with Rachel Weisz and Paul Rudd (I think). It was good. No one I knew was in it, all new faces, young actors and good, natural acting, which was refreshing. And after the show we had sushi at Kato. The food was good, the drinks were smooth, but the best part wad the company and the conversation.

Sunday was more grading and more prepping and then lunch with my parents and Tata, my granny, the only grandparent I have left. We went to Da’Vittorio, an Italian restaurant with a family atmosphere and good food. I took pictures.

Tata had the fish. She had to take half of it home, it was too much food.
My dad had the fettucini parmisiano. I tried it, it was delicious!

My mom had gnocci bologna.

And I had rissoto nero, which was awesome.

After lunch they dropped me off at 212 a night club that was hosting a designer’s expo. There’s this movement in Caracas of young designers producing tons of cool clothes, shoes, bags and all sorts of accessories, and selling them at these expos which are advertised solely in FB. It’s great to see what they are doing, the products are very creative. I bought a bracelet, but didn’t take pictures because I was a bit overwhelmed by the colorful craziness of it all.

The following weeks are to come, stay tuned.


2 responses to “Fourth Week in July

  1. Jeeze, you are so pretty.. Jen, wait fi=or the right guy!

  2. Ah, thank you!I will, I am, I actually think I found a pretty good one just recently 😉

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