Third Week in July

Behind doesn’t even begin to describe me and this blog, neglect is more like it. And it’s not that I haven’t been in the blogsphere either, I read blogs, a lot, just as always, I just don’t post. This has happened to me before, as I read I get ideas and as life happens I think “I need to post about this”, and then I read some more and get distracted and life continues to happen and I just don’t do it. And then I reach the point I’m in right now, overwhelmed with all I want to post and not knowing where to start.

Since chronological order seems to work well and is pretty straight forward, I’m starting there. I’ll recap by weeks so that I can catch up quickly, ok? Ok then. Last time I posted, Liz and Sophie were still here and we had just had a Family Sunday. That seems like ages ago now, but let me not get ahead of myself. That third week of July was filled with work. My class had more or less settled into a rhythm, or at least I was feeling better with the whole planning, but the work load was still heavy. I managed though, to see a couple of friends. Finally I ventured out of my only-family circle and caught up with girlfriends.

I picked up Crebe, a friend from college, and we went to La 4D, a gelatería with the most delicious gelatos ever! Take a look:

That same day, at night, my friend Chula and her cousin Alejandra, picked me up and we were off to BarraBar to see some friends of her play salsa. It was great. The music was awesome, these guys can play and the flautist? I absolutely loved the flautist!

That weekend was Sophie’s last weekend here and we wanted to take her to the beach, so off we went to Camuri Mar for the day.

We went through El Avila, and this was the view:

The pool.

Beer was had.

And tequeños, or as Sophie calls them, pequeños!
The beach.

The girls.

The Soph.

There was even a playground.

And that night it was my aunt Tere’s birthday, so after dropping my dad off at home, we went to join in the festivities, with our bathing suits still on, mind you. I took no pictures of that, of course!

Sunday of that week we went out for our customary family lunch to El Alazán. I took some pics of the food, it’s turning into a mandatory thing now, who knew? Pinknest watch out! You might have some competition 😉

Hallaquitas con queso telita.



Pollo y chorizo.

But not only the food, the people were shot as well.

And the desserts too!

All and all, a great week! The rest is to come.


4 responses to “Third Week in July

  1. Life does sometimes get right in the way of the blog. It's good that it's not the other way around. Glad you're having lots of fun!

  2. justrun – 🙂 true, I guess it is better this way than the other way around. It has been a great 6 weeks so far… 4 to go!

  3. A mi me apetece la playa y los postres esos tan ricos que vi… en las fotos, verdad.Oye Jen, ¿qué haces para ver toda esa comida… deglutirla… y verte tan en ese bikini rojo?Pasa la receta, mija.

  4. La Blu – Es que la comida acá es muy rica, definitivamente una tentación. 🙂 Ya he engordado 2 kilos desde que llegué, así que la comedera no es vano, no vayas a creer.

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