Family Sunday

I’m behind in my posting. Adventures in Venezuela have continued but as you read in the previous post, time has been scarce because of work, so posting has taken a hit.

Last weekend, on Sunday, we went to La Cota Mil. LCM is a freeway that connects Caracas from East to West and runs alongside El Avila. The view from LCM is pretty awesome. On one side you have the valley which is the city of Caracas, and on the other you have El Avila, one the most majestic and yet very approachable mountains I’ve known. On Sunday mornings they close the freeway to automobile transit and open it up to pedestrains, cyclist and dogs, lots of dogs.

My cousins, aunt, Sophie and I went for a stroll, and to take Panchito, Mary Gaby’s little maltese dog, for his first walk on the wild side. Take a look:

It wasn’t as crowded, I guess it was cloudy that day.

But there were some people.
And cyclists.

And the view of the city was nice.

And El Avila too.

We say a Cascadita and some people going for a soak.

They sell stuff there too. Of course, this is Venezuela, they sell stuff everywhere.


And icees.

We all had something.

After that, there was a little impromptu family gathering at my parent’s. And we made a key lime pie. I taught Corina how to make it, so now she can do it on her own.

We could barely wait for it to cool to eat it!

My uncle Arturo and his wife Ana came from Puerto La Cruz for a day.

And it was one great family Sunday!


4 responses to “Family Sunday

  1. Nice to have a kick back day!

  2. that key lime pie in the casserole dish is a cool idea…

  3. buffadick – indeed!Justin – Welcome to My 33 people!And a delicious one too. Just getting ready to make another one for tomorrow.

  4. Wow, all of this looks fantastic! And the greenery! The best part of course is ending up with that key lime pie. 🙂 Love the meringue on that.

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