Work going well

A ton of things have happened since I last wrote. For one we went to Puerto La Cruz last weekend and spent both weekend days at the beach. It was glorious. We went to El Guaro and to Puinare and had an overall great time at the beach. The pictures are in FB, if you’re interested.

Also, my cousin Carolina had her 33rd birthday last night and there was a celebration for that. Lots of fun was had and lots of pics were taken too. They’re also on FB for your viewing pleasure.

But the main event, which has taken over most of my time these days, has been work. I spent the week before last prepping for class and this past Monday summer classes started. I’m teaching an elective course on leadership and have 30 students enrolled. Only 27 have showed up to class this week, so I’m guessing these other 3 have dropped the class.

Getting back into the grove of teaching has been great, easier actually than I expected. I taught at Universidad Metropolitana for 4 years (2000 to 2004) but ever since I moved to NYC to get the doctorate I haven’t really taught much (except for a few semesters ago I taught that elective course to middle schoolers… nightmare!). I’m surprised how easy this comes to me, it’s like driving (which I LOVE to do). I rarely drive in NY, but once I hit Caracas I drive as if it was an everyday thing for me; teaching here, in Spanish, seems to be the same.

It is hard work. I’m teaching summer session, which means 4 classes a week. A class that during a regular semester meets twice a week, doubles up in the summer, since we only have 8 weeks of class versus 16. On top of it leadership is a class I’ve never taught and even though the presentations are made, the exercises are designed and everything is set up in a digital platform for the students to access it, there is a ton of updating, redesigning and adapting to do.

My mornings have been consumed with class prep, and then the class runs in the afternoons, so I haven’t had much time for anything else. This was just the first week, hopefully things will run smoother when everything is set in the platform and I have a better grasp of the material. For now I’m enjoying very much professional work again and having activities throughout the week suddenly make me appreciate Fridays and weekends all the more. It’s funny how in NY everyday can be the same for me, meaning I can work from home on a Saturday and roam the city on any given Wednesday, so when people say TGIF, it really means nothing to me. I appreciate it tons now.

So far, so good. I’m loving being here and working in a place I love.


2 responses to “Work going well

  1. Sounds like you found a home.. Home is good.. Happiness is not where you go, it's where you are when you are happy..

  2. buffalodick – for me home is where everyone knows me and I feel cared for and loved. Happy, I can be anywhere, but truly loved, in very few places.

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