Marina Grande

I know youre probably tired of coming here to read and only getting photos to see, but bear with me will ya?

Last Saturday we went to the beach. This is not the greatest beach by any means, but it‘s close by and since it was a bit cloudy, it wasn‘t that crowded. Take a look.

Never mind, I just realized I didn‘t take any pictures of the actual beach, so you can only see us. This is the closest my camera got to the water.

So off you go, come back later and I might have some better shots of Venezuelan beaches. Tata.

2 responses to “Marina Grande

  1. Jen- When you don't post comments, I don't think you are posting your blog stuff! Looks like you have been having fun- I'm happy for you when you look like you are enjoying life!

  2. buffalodick – You're right I haven't been posting comments lately. I do read though, my google reader is down to zero and I have read all your posts.I am having a great time and feel very happy to be home. Thanks for sharing the joy : )

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