Sophie’s Baptism

The main reason we all flew to Caracas this June was to celebrate Sophie’s Baptism. Marianna, the godmother, flew with us from New York. Otto, the godfather, lives in Caracas, so there was no flying for him.

We all met at La Capilla San Miguel Arcangel in La Universidad Metropolitana, where the ceremony was held. Father Carlos Sancajo, el capellan of this capilla has perform many important religious ceremonies for my family over the years, and thus knows us all, which makes each ceremony special and quiet heartfelt.

Of course, after each ceremony the obligatory question is “So… when are you getting married?” accompanied by “You know you have to tell me with time so I can add you to my planner, which tends to be quiet full these days.” He’s a sweetie really, but what is a girl to do if the right guy hasn’t been found yet? It will just have to wait until then.

The ceremony was very nice and since Soph is not a baby anymore, she could participate a bit in it too.

After the ceremony we went back to my parents for the party. There always has to be a party.

With family.




And many, many sweets.

And of course, no party seems complete without karaoke.
Can you guess how much fun Sophie had in her special day?

Well, I can tell you, she had a ball!


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