The week before I left

I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to share, in fact I have a lot I want to write about, but I just haven’t had the time. As you know my plan to come to Caracas for the summer worked out well and I’ll be home until the first week of September, but that meant that my last week in NYC before flying home was madness, there are so many things to do before leaving for a few months, if you could have only seen my many to-do lists.

My last week in NYC consisted of wrapping up some research work, meeting with my dissertation sponsor to settle goals for the summer, attending my last yoga class, meeting friends for drinks, lunches and dinners, leaving payments ready for the coming months, disconnecting services, running errands for my parents, buying gifts, doing laundry and packing.

But the week actually kicked off with Nick’s graduation. The boy finished elementary school and is now off to middle school in the fall. Can you believe how big he is? Take a look.

Isn’t he just the most handsome boy ever?

Mom seems to think so.

Dad also agrees.

Little sister adores him, so she’s on board.

And tia/madrina (aunt/godmother) couldn’t be prouder of the boy.

Then, as I mentioned before, there we a lot of errands to take care of and a few meetings with friends. On Thursday, the day before I left, I met with Radhika and Nancy, my coworkers, again for lunch and catching up. As we did last time, a great time was had and yummy food was shared.

This time we went to Patsy’s, Frank Sinatra’s favorite pizza place.

And had pizza!

And smiled a lot.

Because we love pizza!

Another interesting event that occurred during my last week in NYC has to do with my dating life. Remember back at the end of May I had decided to give the online dating thing another go? Well I did. Throughout the month of June emails went and came, there was craziness, there was randomness and then there was the discovery of the urban myth (!!!). I met a sweet guy, a nice guy which I am attracted to. A good looking nice guy!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I’m shallow, I go for looks, blah, blah, blah. Save it. I’ve tried to go out with nice guys I’m not attracted to before, believe me it doesn’t work. Not a week has gone by when I find myself utterly bored and looking around for some excitement, some other guy who can make me go mmmm (remember that song? “Things that make you go mmm”, remember?). Anyhow, the guys I am usually attracted to turn out to be jerks. For some strange reason looks and kindness don’t mix well, so no matter how much chemistry and physical attraction there is, it ends not working because who wants to be unappreciated and undervalued? Not me, that’s who.

So a week before coming to Caracas for two months I go out for drinks and meet this guy. I knew I was leaving but I was on the “let go and let God, be open and say yes when the opportunity arises” motto, remember? So I went, I met him, I liked him and went out with him a few more times that week. And now I’m in Caracas and we chat, we talk, we video-chat and a part of me wishes I was in NYC so we could spend time together. But it’s ok, timing can suck all it wants, I haven’t thought about a guy, a nice guy, and smiled like this in a long time, so even if this, right here, right now, is all we get to have, it’s worth it.

See me smiling? : )


5 responses to “The week before I left

  1. There's that whole letting go theory sneaking up again. :)Good for you for enjoying your time, no matter what or where.

  2. justrun – : ) yeah, I agree, it is a good thing to let things roll and enjoy them while we have them.

  3. ugh, timing is so frustrating!!! but it's good that you're talking, you never know… :)your nephew is adorable, going to break lots of hearts.and, can we go for drinks when you're back in sept?xo,bex

  4. bex – Yep, one truly never knows. We'll see ; )Thanks! I agree, he's a looker and even now he's got girls looking at him wherever he goes.For sure! We need to finally meet up once I return : )

  5. I can feel the smile 🙂 good on you, just enjoy that.

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