Walking down my street

Yesterday, as I walked out of my building, plugged into my iPod and looking for a particular artist I wanted to listen to, a women dashed by me while saying something out loud. I unplugged myself and ask her to repeat it, as I could not hear her the first time. She was a small lady, Asian, around 60 something I would say, filled with energy and apparently in a rush. She said she was in a hurry to get to the gym and that’s why she had to run by me (apparently I was too slow).

Then she turns around and asks me if I am Latin, I assent, and she goes off telling me how she has a multicultural background and how that can be troublesome at times with the families. Then out of the blue she asks “Are you single?” Yes, I answer. She stops in her tracks, lifts her arms to the sky and almost yelling asks “Why? What is wrong with you?” I, completely caught off guard, say innocently, “Nothing, I think.” She scrutinizes me, looking intently into my eyes and spots the cross hanging around my neck. “Oh, I have one too!” And shows me her cross. “You have to have a man. You cannot be alone. You have to pray. I didn’t have a man and I prayed everyday to God and now I have a man. You have to ask God and you’ll see. What’s your name? I will pray for you. I will help you. Maybe God sent me to help you. Oh! I have a friend. Yes! I’ll introduce you to my friend!”

The lady spoke a mile a minute, loudly, gesticulating a lot. It was a sight to see. At some point she took my palm “Let me see” she said. “Why is it open? Why is it open?” I looked hard, I didn’t see anything, nothing looked particularly open to me. “Every time you have money it goes away. Let me see the other hand. But you have health, like me.” I smiled and said “Poor but healthy, that’s something, right?”

She took my arm and we crossed the street, well not before she stopped me to wait for the light (apparently you can get run over if you don’t stop for the light) and then asked “How old are you?” I never lie about my age, or mostly anything else (unless it’s about a fictitious relationship to a guy I want to get rid of, see previous post), so I said “36”. She screamed “No! I have to help you. You will see.” And touching her cross repeated “You will see.”

I reminded her she was going to the gym and I had some errands to run. So we said our good-byes and parted. She kept on looking my way and touching her cross and pointing to mine. I smiled and waved good-bye. I thought she was good intended, but maybe not all there, of you know what I mean.

The experience wasn’t scary, it just caught me quite off guard and all in all it was a little weird. Although I have to say I never felt threaten, there was a caring to it all that actually felt nice. But I’m telling you, the strangest things have been happening to me on the street lately. I wonder what it is about. Who knows? Maybe she’s right, maybe I do need help.


3 responses to “Walking down my street

  1. Somebody needs help alright, but it ain't you….

  2. I think that whole situation is pretty hilarious – what a great story to tell people who nag you about your relationship status!"You want to set me up with your friend? Thanks, but I've got God and a little Asian lady looking out for me on that score. I'll let you know if they need assistance, though."

  3. buffalodick – you always make me laugh : ) Thanks!Jennifer Nicole – You are so right, it makes for the perfect status story! Thanks for the idea.

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