Going to Chicago

I feel like I dropped a bomb with that sex post and then ran never to be heard of again. But I’m here, really, it’s just been very busy lately. I’ve been getting ready to leave for the Conference in Chicago and the prepping for it has taken longer than I thought it would.

Did I ever share I’m presenting a paper in a conference in a few days? I think I didn’t. I was very excited several months back when I got the acceptance email, but I guess it didn’t seem real then, or maybe I just didn’t want to toot my horn, which is usually the case for me. I rather go under the radar than have the spot light, it’s always been that way, so when there’s an accomplishment to be shared I sometimes just don’t. But I am excited about it and it is a bit of a big deal. I’m on the program, check it out. There’s even an abstract of my paper/presentation.

So tomorrow morning I’m off to Chicago, a city I’ve never been to and always wanted to see. I’m probably not going to be able to roam the city too much, since the conference will take most of my time there. I’ll come back with updates as soon as I can. In the mean time, don’t have too much fun in my absence, wouldn’t want to miss that.


6 responses to “Going to Chicago

  1. Good for you, Jen! I hope it goes well!

  2. Good Luck! I know you will do well! Try and see a little of the city- it's nice!

  3. Hope your speech went great! You have a rock star topic.

  4. veel success! Good luck!

  5. Make sure you eat a deep dish pizza!!!

  6. justrun – Thanks!buffalodick – I did try, but had only a few hours, so I guess I need to go back ; )Jason – Thanks! It did go very well. The Sarjent – Thank you!PinkPiddyPaws – I had so little time outside the univ, I barely had time to see a little bit of the city. Oh well, next time.

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