What about Atheists?

I don’t write in my Spirituality web page’s blog as often as I would like, but as I work on my data for my dissertation and read on spiritual matters, I often get to thinking and asking myself questions.

I read Secrets by Paul Tournier and thought I’d share the questions roaming in my mind currently. If you get a chance pay me a visit there, I would love to hear what you have to say.


3 responses to “What about Atheists?

  1. Jen, I couldnt leave you a comment on your spiritual website. Here are my thoughts;First and foremost, wow! Your dissertation sounds interesting. I am intrigued.About your questions, I think we all believe in something higher than us. It gives us hope and essential makes us move forward in life and pursue life when we are between a rock and a hard place.

  2. No one has catalogged all the religions and beliefs of humankind. I believe with 6+ billion people on the planet, no one believes exactly what another one does. Mankind has put a heavy footprint on religion, and translations made by humans in various languages over thousands of years have altered the meaning to suit the user. I believe in God, not Man, and no one can know His plan but Him.

  3. I'm an atheist but I don't even think most Christian's I know make confiding in god a regular part of their lives! I do think everyone develops a rationale that explains their position in life relative to the things around them. For most of the world religion helps to explain things but for atheists we ad lib a bit more! I personally don't believe in anything spiritual, no life after death, no 'higher' beings etc. Because I see nothing guiding us I think it's even more important that everybody tries to contribute to the world, the old cliche of making the world a better place. We have an ecosystem and societies that hinge on what we do now. You don't need to die and meet god for your actions to have consequences.

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