New Rug!

The anti slip mat finally came in and I set up my new rug. I was expecting the mat to be whitish, cream, light color, but it was yellowish and exactly the same color of my wooden floor! See? You can barely see it, which is perfect.

I unrolled the rug on top of the mat and set the table back on it, center stage.

This is how it looks now.

And now I can’t stop walking on it!

I love my new rug!!!

9 responses to “New Rug!

  1. I can’t stop walking on it. Ha! You and me? peas=pod.

  2. Kate – : ) If you need to walk, just come on over, it feels great!

  3. Beautiful rug, couldn’t tell the mat was on your floor either.

  4. Goes well with the decor!

  5. Passionista – Thanks! yeah, it just worked out that way.buffaloick – I’m loving it!

  6. Isn’t it great when home improvement projects actually go as planned? Looks great!

  7. SoMi's Nilsa – It sure is, it beats disaster any day ; ) Thanks!

  8. It's super cute!

  9. Sizzle – Thanks!

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