A weekend on the town

Martin was in town this weekend and we all went out. Saturday night we went to El Faro and then roamed through Greenwich Village until we bumped into Magnolia Bakery. It was a great outing, filled with good food, great dessert, lively conversation and wonderful company. I think I had way too much wine though, I sure felt it the following morning.

Sunday we had set to meet for lunch at Caracas Arepa Bar and even though I was still full from the food from the night before I strolled down to the East Village to meet them.

We tried the bigger place, but ended in the to go place because the other part had a 45 minute wait. It was great, we found a place to seat and had some pretty good Venezuelan food.

The menu



The environment

It was a great day too. The weather was wonderful, the sun was out, it was warm, but not overpowering. Perfect!


4 responses to “A weekend on the town

  1. I love arepas. Looks like a great weekend.

  2. Passionista – You have to come try these sometime, they are very authentic.

  3. "We bumped into Magnolia Bakery…" I think we all agree that statement is a bit of a stretch. Wouldn't you? More like we combed the streets of the Village iPOd in hand… and as a last ultimately called the establishment for detailed instructions on how to get there. Oh… the effects of wine and good company…

  4. Anonymous – ok, ok, so we hunted magnolia down. Geez, some people are sticklers for precision ; )

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