I got a plan

Remember I needed a plan? Well, I got one! I don’t know if it was mercury coming back from it’s retrograde state, talking to my very insightful mom, or just things falling where they may, but the plan I needed has started to take shape.

I talked to my boss and I am working with her at the research center through June. So this month will be filled with wrapping up the deliverables for the project there and focusing on the presentation I’m giving in Chicago the 16th.

I didn’t find a job here for the summer, so I decided to go to Caracas for July and August. I will be teaching a course at Universidad Metropolitana, where I worked before coming to graduate school in NY, and will be spending time with my old coworkers and friends who are as excited as I am to reunite. I will be staying at my parents, which means tons of family interaction and spoilness. I will be going to the beach, can you say Caribbean? And I will be avoiding the sticky-icky NY summer weather, which I really dislike.

I’m still searching for someone to look after my apartment, but decided even if that doesn’t happen, I’m going anyway. I have my ticket, I’m set, I’m going home! Can you sense my smile through the screen? I’m going home! : )

September is still not clear. I’m still unsure what I’ll be doing work wise then. I have a few leads but nothing solid yet. We’ll see, I’m sure things will work out and something will surface. As my dad says Dios proveera. For now, at least summer is set and I am so looking forward to a change a scenery and to going back to a job I loved.

So there you have it, I’ll be in Caracas for a little over two months. For any of you wanting to visit while I’m there this is it people, this is your chance. I’m talking to you Em! ; ) But seriously, some how it seems to me it’s now or never, so book your flights and come on down!


7 responses to “I got a plan

  1. That should be an enjoyable two months!

  2. Good for you!If I somehow walk out on my job or come into lots of cash, you’re the first call (email?) I’m making!

  3. Yo te cuido tu casita 😀

  4. Sounds like a great plan!

  5. buffalodick – I think so!justrun – : ) I’ll be waiting for that call!Mond – : )Sizzle – It sure does, doesn’t it? : )

  6. That is so exciting! Congratulations! That sounds like a perfect way to spend the summer.

  7. Passionista – Thanks! I am soooo looking forward to it.

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