The rest of the weekend

Well Happy Memorial Day to you all! I hope you’re having a great one. I for one decided to stay in today and even though it is now around 4 pm, I am still in PJs and loving it!

The recap of the weekend is as follows. Friday, well you know about Friday because I already posted that (see bellow). Saturday I had planned to sleep in and did so, which I loved. Nothing better than to not be awaken by the alarm in the morning, right? So once up I went through my facial routine which I love doing, but for some reason can only do so on the weekends and lately hadn’t had time for it. So avocado/oatmeal facial mask it was while I checked emails, blogs, twitter, you know, my usual morning addictions. I then set out to run some errands for my dad. Bank, post office and the sort. I then called the Sandersons and they where having Margot’s eggplant meat lasagna for lunch, oh, I was so in! I bought bread and ice cream and off I went for lunch. It was delicious.

Saturday afternoon provided a nice nap after lunch, a run for pizza and coke for dinner and then a game a Scrabble to the beat of Queen. We love our Queen.

Of course Sophie is no one’s fool, she knows that the little red squares get you the most points, that’s where she wanted us to set her words. She also checked the score constantly, wanting to see her numbers “Where are my numbers? I want to see my numbers!”

And of course there were moves to be shown.
You can’t not dance to Queen.

“Another one Bites the Dust”, is her favorite!

When I got home I had a package waiting for me. My rug! Remember this?
Well they finally put the rug on sale and I finally bought it.

I haven’t unwrapped it yet because I’m waiting for the anti slip rug mat to arrive. That was purchased from Ebay and we all know they like to take their sweet time.

Sunday I slept in again. When else can we do this but on a holiday weekend? And sometime early in the afternoon a boy I had been corresponding with called to see if we could meet for drinks latter that night. I was game. He sounded nice and we actually talked for quite a bit on the phone. We met in Bryant Park, which I like a lot and sat at the bar of the Park’s Cafe for drinks and non stop conversation for about two hours. It was a good first date and the guy seems like a really nice person. But of course, we’ll see what happens next. If there is something true about my dating experiences is that they are all very interesting in both the good and the bad way. So no need to get excited here.

Anyhow, on my way back I shot some pics of Grand Central Station in all it’s glory.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I hope you all had great weekends as well.


2 responses to “The rest of the weekend

  1. I’m staying in tonight as well. It makes me happy.

  2. Kate – Me too!

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