Starting the weekend

The long weekend started out very nicely. On Friday I had a movie date with my friends Radhika and Nancy. We went to see Angels & Demons. I read this Dan Brown book ages ago, when it first came out, and was very excited to see that they were making it into a movie. I really was looking forward to Friday since last weekend and it was worth the wait. The movie was very good.

But Friday fun didn’t end there. After the movie we had planned to go out for dinner and since my craving for burgers had been alive and kicking since a few days now, I suggested Burger Joint. We went over, but Radhika doesn’t eat beef (completely forgot about this, sorry) and they don’t have chicken sandwiches at Burger Joint, so plan B it was. And plan B was so much better than Burger Joint. It was off to JG Melon!

I ate that cheese burger faster that you could say “buen provecho!” It was so good and juicy. Yes, the fries at Burger Joint are probably more my style, but Melon’s cottage fried potatoes aren’t bad either. So, thanks gals for a great outing. We shall do this again very soon. Next time, maybe dessert?


4 responses to “Starting the weekend

  1. Somehow I didn’t like the Davinci Code – Tom Hanks was not at all how I pictured the main character when I was reading it. I hardly ever see movies of books that I’ve loved, but if you say it was that good, I might see it.

  2. Kate – Really I liked both of the books and enjoyed both movies too. I hope you like it if you decide to go see it.

  3. Kate, take Jen’s word for it. Angels and Demons is worth the $12.50. But I recommend that you follow it with Thai rather than burgers and fries. Jen and I apparently differ on our tastes regarding food but not movies, or novels about the history of philosophy.

  4. John Edward Harris – I would go for Thai any day, but once a burger craving sets in, there’s no way around it.

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