Auntie Duty

Cas gave Liz, as a birthday present, a trip to The Bahamas. That left me on auntie duty for the weekend, which actually started Thursday night. I went over to spend the night Thursday so that the kids would not wake up alone Friday morning, since the flight left pretty early. Once Sra. Margot arrived I was off to TC for work, but around 5ish I headed back to get the kids and launch the weekend off. And a great launch it was too.

First stop was Levain Bakery for some of the famous cookies.

Then it was off to Blockbusters, where the kids chose some DVDs to take home. After that it was dinner, movie, and popcorn. We ended going to bed past 11 pm, but I guess that was ok, being the weekend and all.

Saturday everyone woke up on the late side, meaning there was no 6 am “JeJi it’s morning, lets eat. Get up!” like on Friday. We had breakfast, watched morning cartoons and got ready to head out. Nick was picked up by his buddy Daniel and off they went to the School’s Spring Fair, while Soph and I lounged a bit longer, took a slow bath and had lunch at home.

Once ready, we girls headed out for some shopping. I needed to find some sweats for exercising, which was a failed mission (if you any recommendations, please send them my way) and then headed to the fair, where they had games, rides, food, and overall kid fun.

First up was a vintage type of ride which consisted of turning cars set up in a bus/truck like vehicle. I thought this was actually kind of cool in an old fashion sort of way, and Sophie loved it.

Then we moved on to the bouncy castle.

And then got some cotton candy.

Frosted some cupcakes.

Played some games and finally caught up with Nick at the indoor inflatable contraption, which gave them quite the workout.

We headed home exhausted, at least I was. We had dinner and watched the second movie and it was off to bed. This time by 9:15 pm everyone was sound asleep!

Sunday I was woken up around 8:30 to made-up snoring sounds and “Look at me, I’m Papa!” (you gotta love that kid) I offered to get some donuts for breakfast, which was welcomed with a cheer. So off we went to Dunkin Donuts and the supermarket for other provisions. We spent the day home, both because it was sort of drizzling throughout and because I think we all needed some down time. Nick was engrossed in book reading, so much so that when I offered going out for ice cream in the afternoon, he decided to stay behind. Sophie, on the other hand, jumped at the offer.

We had dinner, read some books, listened to some music (Queen, mind you) and it was off to bed. When they were down for the night I went to watch TV and of course the remote was missing, Who knows where they hid it, but it’s typical isn’t it? Soon after that Liz and Cas where back from their trip, and I was off.

It was a very nice weekend with the kids. Less troublesome than I thought it might be. I think the difference this time was that I had no work whatsoever pending over the weekend and could totally give my time, attention and energy to the kids and whatever they wanted to do. The only bad thing is that with all that sugar consumed, I have about 4 more pounds than what I started with. This week a new regime needs to be taken on, or I will never be ready for bikini season!


10 responses to “Auntie Duty

  1. Mmm, I’m jealous of all that sugar and excitement! I spent the weekend spring cleaning. When are my siblings going to have kids so I can spend it playing with them instead?

  2. This past weekend, we spent time with Sweets’ nephew, who is 3. His parents likely would never bring him into the city (even though they’re less than an hour away). And I kept thinking, we’ve got to take this child on a day away with Auntie Nilsa and Uncle Sweets. This post confirms it!

  3. You are such a nice aunt!

  4. I love taking my nephew out on adventures. Being an aunt is the best! They are so cute!

  5. Fun fun!Being an aunt is the best!

  6. Auntie Jen has a very cute niece- she will break some hearts in her lifetime!

  7. I love it when my friends share their kids with me. And I love being the spoily one.

  8. Sweets and trips to the fair? What could be better. Remind me to have you babysit me one weekend.

  9. I want this weekend! Giant cookies, cotton candy AND ice cream?!

  10. Jennifer Nicole – kids are the best to hang around with, you’ll see when your siblings have theirs. SoMi’s Nilsa – Oh definitely, you guys should scoop that nephew away and spoil him rotten ; )Passionista – And they are such great kids. Sizzle – it is the best of the best. Justrun – it so is.Buffalodick – indeed she will! She’s soooo girlie too. Kate – I absolutely love being the spoily one too!Joe – : ) sure thing!Pinknest – Oh but you can have it, a new weekend is just around the corner!

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