A well deserved break in the park

Wednesday was a rather productive day working from home and at the end of the afternoon I decided to reward my hard work with a stroll and an ice cream. I walked down toward 86th street and nothing, no good ice creams in my path. Since they closed the Cream Stone in my neighborhood, nothing has been the same. So I thought the best ice cream I could think of, which would be close by, was Mister Softee. You can say whatever you want about it, but I really like their strawberry sundays. So I walked over to the park thinking for sure, if they knew anything about good marketing, they would have a cart there, in front of a place where all the kids go, right? Right! I was in luck, and strawberry sunday it was.

So I crossed the street over to the park and sat at a bench to enjoy the ice cream,
the weather, the view. It was blissful really.

It’s quite a small park, but it’s very nice and it’s just a few blocks from where I live,
so indeed perfect for me.

This park hosts one of NYC landmarks Gracie Mansion, which is the official residency for the city’s governor. Although, our current governor preferred to remain in his Madison Ave. penthouse and save the city some money, which we all appreciate very much.

The view of the East River is breathtaking on a good weather day.

This is where I go for my jogs. Can you blame me for preferring to run outside?


3 responses to “A well deserved break in the park

  1. You made New York look sparsely inhabited! Must have been a rare moment…

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  3. buffalodick – that part of my neighborhood is actually quite quiet, which is why I like it so much ; )jsolo – uhm… ?

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