10 Things I Wish I Could Say

Apparently this is going around. I read it from Nilsa and thought I could use a little letting go of certain things, so here goes, 10 things I wish I could say:

1. I wish you would have thought of this better, because 5 years of this? Really? And once done, what?

2. I think about you every day and for some obscure reason, I truly miss you.

3. I wish you would say you’re sorry, it would make forgiving you so much easier.

4. You need to grow up already. You’re 38, it’s time to stop being a boy, be a man!

5. If you could just focus on other people and stop being so self-centered, maybe you’d get what you want.

6. I’m feeling frisky, want to play?

7. You have done nothing to help me, when that is part of your job and you get paid big time for it. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

8. You’re a person just like everyone else, get off you’re high horse already. You don’t know more, and aren’t any better than anyone else I know.

9. Thanks, for nothing!

10. I love you, and even though I know someday you’ll be gone, I can’t imagine my life without you. Please, don’t die yet.


7 responses to “10 Things I Wish I Could Say

  1. Funny, but this makes me think of all the things I said- and wish I wouldn’t have..


  2. You weren’t kidding when you said you were going to do a list of your own! Way to turn words into action! =)


  3. buffalodick – : )SoMi’s Nilsa – I usually deliver when I promise to ; )


  4. Good job on this!


  5. I like…maybe I’ll do five I wish I’d said and five I wish I hadn’t.


  6. ive seen this going around too! i did one forever back and it’s a cool thing.


  7. Sizzle – Thanks!The Sarjent – Good idea!brookem – it is kind of refreshing to do.


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