Dream Land

Have you noticed that for those of us who sleep 7-8 hours a night it actually means we spend 1/3 of our lives in dream land? I’m one of those lucky people who remembers her dreams vividly, and sometimes my dreams are so much better and definitely more interesting than waking life.

In my dreams things that otherwise seem impossible are not only possible, but actually happen. People who are not with me anymore show up, people I don’t even know appear, things that go against all rules and laws occur as if natural. Everything is permitted, the miraculous, the impossible, the never heard off, the consoling, the disturbing and the reassuring, all occur in dreams in matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

I read a book some time ago which explained that there were 5 significances that could be attributed to dreams. Dreams could be wishful thinking (things we desired, wanted and didn’t have), they could be unfinished business (in which we completed task which were left undone during our awake time), they could be premonitions (anticipation of events which would occur sometime in the future), they could be astrological trips (like when we visit with people from the past, or people who have passed on), and finally they could be fears (those things that taunt us and of which we are most afraid of).

I often have wondered which state is the “real” one. We spend so much of our alive-time sleeping, couldn’t dream land be the “real” thing? Sometimes I truly wish it was.


4 responses to “Dream Land

  1. i tend to forget my dreams after being awake for a while, but i seem to remember the nightmares!

  2. “Perception is Reality” What you choose to be real- is as real as anything else.. You believe in many things you cannot see, or have never seen- why do you still believe in them? Philosophy has had a lot of debate over this one!

  3. I’m envious, I sleep like a log and rarely remember anything (I do maybe only three times or so a year). SO I think for me, waking life is real!!By the way if that kind of thinking interests you, you should watch waking life directed by Julie Delpy. It’s got a lot of that sort of philosophy in, on exactly that subject, and is pretty interestingly filmed. I enjoyed it 🙂

  4. Pinknest – If you talk about your dreams, tell them to someone as soon as you wake up, you won’t forget them. buffalodick – are you always this deep? I think I like you ; )The Sarjent – Thanks, I’ll look into that! : )

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