33 Variations

On Thursday I was set to meet my sister for the theater. My birthday present to her was to take her to see 33 Variations with Jane Fonda, Colin Hank and Samantha Mathis at the Eugene O’Neill Theater on Broadway. So we met midtown, at her office and headed to a Jimmy Choo sale down in Chelsea. To our surprise it was packed. There was a huge line outside the building, so we decided shoes were not in store for us that day and off we went for dinner.

We had dinner in a little Italian place we had been to before, called Pasta Lovers. It was delicious, just as the first time we were there. Highly recommended it if you’re in the theater district and have a sudden urge for good food, this is really a great place, everything we’ve ordered there has been worth it.

After dinner we walked over to the theater. The crowd seem to be composed of gay men and senior citizens, we thought “hmm, interesting”. I had purchased the tickets earlier that week and had gotten the best ones available, center orchestra, not too far away from the stage. We had a great view.

The play was incredible. It hit home for me in so many ways. The music was sublime. They have a piano to the left of the stage and as they talk about Beethoven’s variations to Diabelli’s waltz, the pianist plays each of them live. They present the three stories beautifully, sometimes even intertwining them all at once on stage. Moisés Kaufman, the director is from Venezuela, but I didn’t learn this until after the show, so it had no influence on how I saw the play. Still a plus in my eyes though. I absolutely loved it. It’s running until the end of May, so if you’re inclined to see it, hurry up, it won’t be there for long.


8 responses to “33 Variations

  1. Buaaaaa, quiero ir a verla, buaaaaa.

  2. Thanks for sharing though 🙂

  3. Very cool! If I lived in NYC, I’d go broke on theatre tickets. I know it.

  4. Oooh, sounds like a fun night! I’ll be in NY this weekend, but I think my brother already bought tickets to another show…

  5. Perception is Reality.. How many times you have been told something sucks, when you enjoyed it immensely? And how many times have you heard something is fabulous- to find out you didn’t think so? Taste is a changing thing- dependent on your life mood… Abstract thought and opposing thumbs make us human!

  6. Mond – : ) Cuando vuelves?Justrun – Well, I do my best to keep it balanced. There’s so much to do here!SoMi’s Nilsa – Well, if you get the chance, it’s totally worth it!buffalodick – You’re saying you wouldn’t like it?

  7. I love the theater. That is all.

  8. Kate – And that’s a good thing! : )

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